Journey to Wellness: Turning Back the Clock Part 5- Age Reversal on the Micro Level

Are you feeling your age? I mean are you 40 but feel like 50, or 50 but feel like 60 or 70? Suffering from brain fog, low energy, a lot of aches and pains? Trying to lose weight but no matter what you do it seems to stay with you? Well no matter what age you are, I’m positive that we can reverse our age. Many of you know my story, that I began a new journey about 3 years ago in search of healing for the pain I was in from arthritis in my hips, hands and back. As a part-time dance instructor and full-time pharmacist it was hard for me to imagine that I was going to be on a medication for the rest of my life or just suffer. Many asked me, “So you’re a pharmacist that doesn’t like taking the very medication that you dispense?” My answer was always an immediate, ”yes”. I always knew there was a better alternative for healing, at least in over 90% of medical situations. Do I believe that there are some medications that have their place? Absolutely! However, the majority of our health issues come from not allowing our bodies to heal the way they are intended to by indulging in the wrong intake of so called food, alcohol, sugar, salt and environmental issues beyond our immediate control; even down to the quality of water that we drink and bathe in.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at this Steve Harvey video in which he gives a testimony of how a lot of us begin to feel at a certain age. It may hit some of us at 30 and others not until 60 or beyond, but at some point, that wake up call will come that we need to start seriously taking better care of ourselves. I’m not posting this video to necessarily endorse his health drinks, however, I have heard great things about them. Please watch the video to hear how Mr. Harvey took action to get to a point of better health and educate himself how to maintain his health and help others as well.

Steve Harvey and medical team explain how he reversed his age at the micro level

As you heard in the video, Dr. Castel Santana said that Steve, like a lot of us suffer from Mitochondria Decline. You may remember from anatomy class that the mitochondria are a structure found in every cell of our body. They are the “powerhouse” of our cells.

So let’s recap what Dr. Santana said to Steve Harvey about “Mitochondria Decline”:

  • It effects the way we burn our carbs and calories
  • How ageing relates to weight loss issues
  • If the mitochondria in our cells is in decline, our whole body performs poorly
  • The mitochondria turn the food we eat into energy for the body
  • This energy that the mitochondria convert is called ATP
  • There are 3 major things that contribute to the decline or destruction of our mitochondira: the standard American Diet, ageing (which naturally happens because there are some things out of our control entirely) and toxins that build up in our body over time

So what can we do about it?

Well as you know, this is what most of my health posts on my blog are all about. First of all, eat REAL food!!! You don’t have to go vegan, you can eat food from the ground as it was intended and other things like fish or meats but in moderation. Eat good fats such as olive oil, avacado, omega 3 rich foods, drink quality water.

Avoid foods that cause inflammation and aging. Avoid of course smoking and overindulging in alcohol. These are no brainers but not easy to let go of so it seems hard to even begin.

Make small lifestyle changes, for example, step one, cut out or at least cut down on sugar. Find healthy alternatives and transition to them little by little then on to the next goal.

Decrease salt and season your food with a small amount for flavor but take advantage of herbs and spices to season your food and leave out artificial seasonings.

Find a way to work in a regular exercise program….whatever works for you 3-4 times a week but JUST GET MOVING!!!

Have a support system. If you do it with loved ones and friends it helps to keep you motivated and more than likely you’ll be more successful at making it a permanent change.

JUICING IS GREAT! A good way to get your fiber, vitamins and mineral in

Eat with purpose. No snacking.

Meal prep for several days is great and takes the guess work out. You’ll be more likely to not “fall off the wagon” so to speak

Intermittent Fasting! This promotes autophagy (the eating up of old sludge in the body and dead cells, even precancerous cells). Also this promotes a healthy weight and so much more.

Below is a link from a previous post that may help you to get started on just one healthy thing. I hope you will consider and not only for yourself but pass the info on to those that you love. Spread the word!

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