Healing First From Inside to Reach Our Full Potential

Psalm 139:7 “Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?” 
Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

There is nowhere that we could run or hide from our Heavenly Father. If you are one of His, He is always with you. We all have flaws and insecurities; some of us are broken from the damage that the world has done to us, but despite all of these things, the Most High has given us all gifts and life. Often we draw inspiration from others and think, ”If that had been me, I don’t think I could have survived what he or she went through”. But the key words are “went through”, meaning that they didn’t or maybe couldn’t dodge it but had to confront the problem no matter how huge and little by little work through it.

This post is about healing in order to reach our full potential. For me, reaching my full potential means finding my purpose. Each of us has one….some of us more. I feel that in order to feel whole, one must have a purpose. Our purpose comes from The Most High. We fight against the things that are often seen as difficult, we fight change because change makes us uncomfortable. This is His voice actually whispering to us what we ought to do. Here are a few things that I’ve discovered along the way to healing. I’m still not done but each day I’m learning how to move forward.

Tip #1- Go back and examine

If and when you get anxiety or laziness about doing something, whether it be a new or old task, or it may be worry about how you’ll tackle a problem, try to examine why you feel this way. Maybe it comes from a childhood experience that took your confidence down. If you can understand your hesitance at confronting the issue, that’s a huge step forward already. It goes against everything in us to go back to that place of discomfort or pain, but well worth it to understand what’s going on with us so that we don’t stay in that same place year after year…decades.

I’ll give you and example of why this is important. As many of you know, I began a journey to better health about 3 years ago. I could’ve started this years ago but I had anxiety like many of failure and change. When I began to unpack why and discovered that I was afraid of putting in all of the work like juicing, cutting way back on dairy, meat, refined foods, etc, because I didn’t want it not to work and I would have wasted all of that time and effort. At the end of the matter, I said to myself, ”So What”. It came from always being the only African American in many accelerated courses in high school, in my college courses as a Pharmacist, on my residency after college and on all of my jobs. I was so used to trying to “represent” my ethnic group and not being a disappointment that I subconsciously put that pressure on myself in almost every aspect of my life. (me above college 1992) If I could go back and tell my young self anything it would be, “Girlfriend you got this, only worry about pleasing The Most High and all will work out”.

Tip #2- Break large goals into steps

Let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds. If we look at it in terms of 50 pounds, most of us would never get started on the weight loss. As a matter of fact, a better way to look at it is what lifestyle changes do I need to make in order to be healthy. The weight will naturally come off if we make healthy lifestyle changes. Start with small things like finding a healthy substitute for sugar. There are so many natural ways to sweeten our food and drink. Another personal example: I received an herbal tea bag from a coworker and was told to please make us both a cup of tea for our break. Well before my journey to better health, I was using 3 teaspoons of brown sugar and about 1-2 teaspoons of honey (and had the nerve to include ginger and lemon…lol). I made the same cup of tea for my coworker and was asked how much sugar I used. When I told her, she said, ” Oh my goodness! No wonder I’m bouncing off the walls!” If I tried to go back to the way I used to make tea, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. My taste buds would reject the over sweetened tea. If we make changes in increments, but very deliberate and keep adding on healthy changes, in a few months to a year you will definitely see the difference. Set your goals whether it be to decrease sodium by replacing with potassium salt, or using agave or other natural sweeteners instead of sugar, incorporating juicing and replacing one cup of fruit and veggie smoothie with one meal a day. In time you will arrive at the ultimate goal…..50 pounds weight loss!!!💪🏿🏆💪🏿🏆💪🏿🏆💪🏿🏆

Tip #3- As stated above, self-care isn’t selfish

We must learn that saying no or perhaps at a later time is okay sometimes. If we abuse ourselves to the point where we have nothing left day after day after day, we’re not only no good to ourselves, we can’t help or serve anyone else effectively. This is when a depression sets in. We become sleep deprived, mentally drained, grouchy and just plain toxic to be around. Each and every one of us needs to do self-care and be spiritually grounded in order to fulfill our purpose. When we don’t do the things that refuel us, notice how quickly we come out of our place of peace. For me it’s continuing to cultivate my relationship with The Most High and taking time out daily to do one thing good for myself. That may be something I love such as working with my window garden, squeezing in some sewing or a workout, or just taking in my favorite series, even if no more than 30 minutes. Studying the Word is always a must as well.

Tip #4- Love is a healer

You can never go wrong by having a support system, starting with the Heavenly Father. He will never fail you. Whether they be close family members or friends, share your fears, your goals and what you feel your strengths are. Above all, never be that one that tries to give the least, after all, we’re all here to be of service to one another. It has been proven in multiple studies that people that are givers are the happiest and most at peace. Of course there is a balance to that (refer to tip #2 😊).

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Journey to Wellness: Turning Back the Clock Part 6- Stem Cell Reactivation & Enhancement!

We are all born with many stem cells that decrease over time. When we are embryos, the stem cells are general and differentiate into many types of stem cells that go on to serve their purpose. They play a major role in the body’s healing process. This is why stem cell research has led to advances in medical treatment of about 80 plus diseases; but what if our diet can help us to reactivate or enhance our stem cells to cure our bodies of certain diseases? Do we have to wait until we get seriously ill or are there things that we can naturally do to even prevent disease. Watch these short videos to see what I mean.

Video credit: You Tube The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D., “Can Food Reactivate Your Stem Cells? | Dr. William Li

In addition to the foods mentioned above in the interview with Dr. William Li and Dr. Mark Hyman, it’s very interesting that we can enhance our stem cells that remain with us as adults by periodically doing a 72 hour fast. This 72 hour fast turns off PKA, a gene that needs to shut down in order for stem cell enhancement. Fasting prolongs our longevity for one reason due to stem cell enhancement.

Dr. Eric Berg, DC “Using Fasting to Enhance Stem Cells – Dr. Berg On Intermittent Fasting & Cell Regeneration”

In addition to the above tips in the videos, let’s talk about repair specifically of the nerve:

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: nuts, oils (olive oil, flaxseed oil, omega-3 oil, cod liver oil and blackseed oil), fatty fishes, chia seeds, flax seeds or in a supplement 1,000 mg per day- good for numbness, tingling. This nutrient helps in the regrowth of damaged nerve tissue following damage. It also prevents lack of oxygenation to the nerve tissue and keeps the nerve strong. Omega-3 also improves brain health.
  • Vitamin B6- especially good for neuropathy (nerve pain), if you have diabetes and have this symptom it may be worth trying this supplement 50-100 mg and may need to take it several times a day or increase foods high in this vitamin such as: potatoes, fish, beef liver, some non-citrus fruits, fortified cereals and poultry
  • Vitamin B12: This vitamin plays a huge role as well in nerve regeneration and repair. It helps to protect the myelin sheath of the nerve which is the nerve’s protective covering. You can get this from foods such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs. Most forms come as 1,000 mcg such as tablets, and can also be bought in the liquid form.

I hope this has been helpful and please, if you know someone that suffers from some type of degenerative disease, they feel really run down, a lot of aches and pains, or they want to do something to turn back the clock and feel more healthy, please pass this info and link on to them.

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Should I Remove My Mercury Fillings?

In my youth I have to admit, I didn’t give to much thought as to what I was eating or pay as much attention to mouth care. I received all of the teachings from my parents and dentist to brush my teeth at least morning and night as well as floss after eating, but sadly had no idea of the impact that poor dental hygiene could have on our health. It was good that I was told to do these things but it would have been much more motivating to see the effects of what not doing them resulted in.

Fast forward to today, I have about 5 amalgam fillings (dental fillings that include a high percentage of mercury) in my mouth and with the development of certain ailments over time, I continue to wonder if these fillings have anything to do with it. Please take a minute to listen to Brian Peddicord’s story in the video below. Although I don’t have a lot of his symptoms, I can’t help but wonder what else these amalgams cause and that many of us that received them did not give our consent knowing the risks. The first time I was ever asked for me and any of my children if I wanted amalgam or porcelain (another available option), I was about 40 years old and living in Israel. Should a dental cavity develop now in my mouth or my children’s of course I choose porcelain. It is more costly but well worth avoiding the health risks of amalgam. At any rate, I am of course trying to be healthier so that we avoid dental cavities along with the development of other disorders in the body.

Video credit: Brian Peddicord “Mercury Poisoning & Amalgam Fillings – My Story”

The scary thing about this is, how many of us know someone that fits Brian’s story? How much of this could have been prevented and think of what his life would have been like, all of the pain that could have been avoided. Of course our stories and struggles if used for good help countless others. Thank you Brian for sharing your story.

See the below article for more info on safety information and those at high risk for mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings:

Getting the amalgam removed is not without risk either, however, there is an emergence of hope. Many natural dentists are beginning to come forth and have the training to decrease the risk of toxicity to the patient and the healthcare provider by a series of steps in the removal procedure and with special equipment. See the below videos by Dr. Berg regarding toxicity, ways to detox with natural products as well as his personal story and opinion. The video that follows is a doctor who has been trained in the removal of amalgam.

Video Credit: “Mercury Toxicity”, by Dr. Eric Berg, DC

Bottom Line:

With amalgam, the concern is regarding the metals used and with resin there is concern over BPA. The American Dental Association has information regarding the safety and efficacy of both solutions, but can we trust it? We must be informed of our choices and the possible consequences of those choices. Many of us I’m sure were not aware back in the day of the impact that these fillings would have on our lives and health. I’m sure some of the dental professionals may not have either. Removal will have to be weighed with the size of the filling, the soundness of the filling (is it damaged or in relatively good shape) and the health of your gum tissue, bone structure and teeth. Speaking to your dentist and your general physician can help you to decide as well as if you are having symptoms of toxicity.

Video credit: “Mercury Filling Removal Process”, by Millennium Dental Associates

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Journey to Wellness: Turning Back the Clock Part 5- Age Reversal on the Micro Level

Are you feeling your age? I mean are you 40 but feel like 50, or 50 but feel like 60 or 70? Suffering from brain fog, low energy, a lot of aches and pains? Trying to lose weight but no matter what you do it seems to stay with you? Well no matter what age you are, I’m positive that we can reverse our age. Many of you know my story, that I began a new journey about 3 years ago in search of healing for the pain I was in from arthritis in my hips, hands and back. As a part-time dance instructor and full-time pharmacist it was hard for me to imagine that I was going to be on a medication for the rest of my life or just suffer. Many asked me, “So you’re a pharmacist that doesn’t like taking the very medication that you dispense?” My answer was always an immediate, ”yes”. I always knew there was a better alternative for healing, at least in over 90% of medical situations. Do I believe that there are some medications that have their place? Absolutely! However, the majority of our health issues come from not allowing our bodies to heal the way they are intended to by indulging in the wrong intake of so called food, alcohol, sugar, salt and environmental issues beyond our immediate control; even down to the quality of water that we drink and bathe in.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at this Steve Harvey video in which he gives a testimony of how a lot of us begin to feel at a certain age. It may hit some of us at 30 and others not until 60 or beyond, but at some point, that wake up call will come that we need to start seriously taking better care of ourselves. I’m not posting this video to necessarily endorse his health drinks, however, I have heard great things about them. Please watch the video to hear how Mr. Harvey took action to get to a point of better health and educate himself how to maintain his health and help others as well.

Steve Harvey and medical team explain how he reversed his age at the micro level

As you heard in the video, Dr. Castel Santana said that Steve, like a lot of us suffer from Mitochondria Decline. You may remember from anatomy class that the mitochondria are a structure found in every cell of our body. They are the “powerhouse” of our cells.

So let’s recap what Dr. Santana said to Steve Harvey about “Mitochondria Decline”:

  • It effects the way we burn our carbs and calories
  • How ageing relates to weight loss issues
  • If the mitochondria in our cells is in decline, our whole body performs poorly
  • The mitochondria turn the food we eat into energy for the body
  • This energy that the mitochondria convert is called ATP
  • There are 3 major things that contribute to the decline or destruction of our mitochondira: the standard American Diet, ageing (which naturally happens because there are some things out of our control entirely) and toxins that build up in our body over time

So what can we do about it?

Well as you know, this is what most of my health posts on my blog are all about. First of all, eat REAL food!!! You don’t have to go vegan, you can eat food from the ground as it was intended and other things like fish or meats but in moderation. Eat good fats such as olive oil, avacado, omega 3 rich foods, drink quality water.

Avoid foods that cause inflammation and aging. Avoid of course smoking and overindulging in alcohol. These are no brainers but not easy to let go of so it seems hard to even begin.

Make small lifestyle changes, for example, step one, cut out or at least cut down on sugar. Find healthy alternatives and transition to them little by little then on to the next goal.

Decrease salt and season your food with a small amount for flavor but take advantage of herbs and spices to season your food and leave out artificial seasonings.

Find a way to work in a regular exercise program….whatever works for you 3-4 times a week but JUST GET MOVING!!!

Have a support system. If you do it with loved ones and friends it helps to keep you motivated and more than likely you’ll be more successful at making it a permanent change.

JUICING IS GREAT! A good way to get your fiber, vitamins and mineral in

Eat with purpose. No snacking.

Meal prep for several days is great and takes the guess work out. You’ll be more likely to not “fall off the wagon” so to speak

Intermittent Fasting! This promotes autophagy (the eating up of old sludge in the body and dead cells, even precancerous cells). Also this promotes a healthy weight and so much more.

Below is a link from a previous post that may help you to get started on just one healthy thing. I hope you will consider and not only for yourself but pass the info on to those that you love. Spread the word!

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Listen to What Our Feet are Telling Us

Did you know that our feet communicate a number of things to us? No, I’m not saying that they actually talk to us, however, they reveal signs of some things that we need to pay attention to that pertain to our health and well being.

Check out this short video by Dr. Gus “8 Things Your Feet Are Telling You About Your Health” (Diseases Revealed By Your Feet)

Video Credit: Dr. Gus, “8 Things Your Feet Are Telling You About Your Health – Diseases Revealed By Your Feet”

So to recap the 8 things we saw in the video, look for the following things:

*Heart, Liver or Kidney:

Swollen ankles or feet. See your doctor to rule out organ failure.

*Poor Circulation and/or nerve damage:

You may experience numbness, tingling and pain in your feet. Some may have cold feet or toes.

Your feet may change in color, develop a bad odor, moles. See your doctor!

Exercise, decreasing sugar and losing weight may help

*Diabetes: this is a form of inflammation and most definitely decreasing sugar and inflammatory foods works miracles.

*Hormonal Condition:

Thyroid- you may experience cold toes and feet. See your doctor.

*Need to change your diet & lifestyle; take tumeric:

feeling weight bearing pain in the feet, inflammation

Also check out this great video by Dr. Berg for more ways to see what your feet are telling you about your health.

Video credit: Dr. Berg, “How Your Feet Are Warning You About Your Liver Problems”

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Warning! Pick Your Tea Carefully

If you are a tea versus a coffee drinker, you know there are so many teas to choose from and some better quality than others. Then there are the bags versus the dry tea leaves and all that you can add to the tea to enhance the flavor and the health benefits. Typically I use ginger, lemon and raw honey to any tea that I make. This is not just for taste but for health benefits as well. Take a look at what Dr. Berg has to say in this video about drinking tea.

Dr. Eric Berg DC, YouTube “STOP Drinking Tea Until You Watch This”

So to recap:

  • Be careful where you get your tea from. China is most likely not a good source. Japan may be a better quality tea without heavy metals such as aluminum, lead and arsenic as well as pesticides and flouride.
  • Know the symptoms of B1 depletion (this can happen from drinking teas high in tannins)
  • The tea bags may be bleached with chlorine bleach which is carcinogenic
  • Take minerals if you drink a lot of tea because it can deplete your minerals
  • Buy dry, organic and lose leaf tea or buy organic

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Using Foods to Counteract Bad Effects of Other Foods

Ever had way too much to eat and you said you wouldn’t put yourself in that situation again but you did anyway? Struggling with your craving for sugar? These are just some of the things that are spoken about in the video below by Dr. Eric Berg and he gives some suggestions on how to counteract the bad effects of a variety of things that we ingest. Some I can’t call food because they provide no nutritional value. Let’s a look at the following video.

Video credit Dr. Eric Berg YouTube

So having seen the video, let’s recap some of Dr. Berg’s recommendations. I want to mainly focus on sugar and overeating:

Easy things to incorporate to combat the harmful effects of sugar:

*Burn off extra sugar by exercising

*Apple cider vinegar helps to regulate blood sugar

*Lemon water is excellent for those at risk of developing kidney stones from oxalate overload. Unfortunately this can happen when eating a lot of green leafy vegetables, almonds, etc. Lemon water is also good for boosting digestion.

*Cinnamon is a potent spice to lower blood sugar

*You want to eat foods low on the Insulin Index (pure fats such as whole eggs, olive oil, nuts higher in fats; add more pure fats to the meal to buffer the insulin response)

*One thing we can do to combat the effects of sugar is, yes, once again, intermittent fasting. See the chart on the left for benefits. It not only helps to combat sugar but it aids in weight loss, turns on your body’s antioxidants, increases growth hormone (which helps with anti-aging) and so much more.

Make sure to look through the video for more healthy tips on how to combat other harmful substances by using food as our medicine.

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30 Day Challenge Done, What’s Next?

I pray all that joined our community in Israel for our Tapin2life Almost Vegan 30 Day Challenge had a great experience. Thank you for those who commented back! My hope is that we all make it a lifestyle change. For those who have just started following my blog, please look at the previous posts and catch up with us in what’s been going on the past month. There are some very tasty, healthy, vegan and almost vegan recipes that can help jumpstart your road to better health.

So what’s next now that we have awakened many people to the benefits of minimizing animal products as well as eating whole foods?

For years I have been wanting to study our food sources a lot closer. There are so many illegal things going on in the food industry that it makes one wonder what we’re eating. Adulteration in the food industry seemed to spike in the midst of the Corona Pandemic. Why in this day of increased technology and information are we more unhealthy as compared to the past? Take a look at this video before we dive into possible solutions to prevent us from being victims of receiving adulterated food or items.

Although the above video can send one into panic and lead one to say, “So how do we know what’s safe to eat?” There is hope, here are some tips to help us to better discern what to buy and what to leave at the store or market:

  • First of all, know the top foods that are most common sources of food fraud according to scientists. They are usually expensive items and expensive to manufacture so companies that commit this fraud try to cut cost and corners. They may add another food product that’s cheaper or maybe even something that’s not even food.😲 For example cellulose (in the form of wood shavings) in cheese, canola oil in a product labeled 100% olive oil, or even fish that is swapped out for another type of fish or even a spongy material that’s not food. Economically Motivated Adulteration (EMA) is occurring most likely in this case.
    • Olive oil
    • milk
    • honey
    • saffron
    • orange juice
    • apple juice
    • grape wine
    • vanilla extract
    • fish
  • Of course read all labels if you’re buying a packaged food (look for any additives such as dyes, artificial flavorings, sweeteners, anti-caking agents. It’s best to leave it on the shelf if it’s not a whole food.
  • With fruits and vegetables, check out the sticker or brand. Of course it’s best to get our foods locally from farmers that we have a relationship with or at least have established how they grow their crops. What we can grow on our own, even from a window garden, why not? Small and local farmers may not be certified USDA Organic due to the cost but but may actually be an organic farmer according to the way he grows his crops.

For example, fruit labeling is divided into the following categories:

  • Organic
  • Genetically Modified
  • Conventional (contains pesticides)

Photo credit: website happilyunprocessed.com

  • Does your food have an expiration date? If not, it may be something other than food. I would highly recommend avoiding the purchase and use of these items.

See the below video about Israel and the Agricultural Industry. We are leading in this industry worldwide. I am looking into how much Israel uses pesticides compared to other nations, but I have to admit as my homeland, I’m very impressed with the technology.

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21 Days Into the Tapin2life Almost Vegan Challenge- Autophagy

Only 9 more days to go in our Almost Vegan Challenge! We began as a community in Israel and abroad to support each other in going mainly plant based. Some on the journey like myself had already adapted to this as a way of life and some not. I thank everyone for sending their vids and photos of their journey this past few weeks. Please keep it up. 💪🏿😊 My hope is that you will make it a lifestyle change like me and many others.

A few weeks ago, I posted a video on the benefits of sprouting and this week I want to share my vid on sprouting on your own, particularly lentils. Check out the video below and also see the link in this vid for the previous one to learn about the benefits of using sprouts.

The main tip of the day that I want to share that goes along somewhat with some of the benefits of intermittent fasting is a topic called autophagy. Autophagy is a process by which a cell breaks down and destroys old, damaged, or abnormal proteins and other substances in its cytoplasm. There’s no wonder why when you hear about people receiving the worst diagnoses and then hearing their testimony on how they beat the illness, the majority of the time you hear it was a change in diet in some way, some will say they fasted for a prolonged period of time. Autophagy occurs when we’re in a fasting mode. Listen to the below video by Dr. Mindy Pelz as she describes how you can still receive some level of autophagy even after breaking the fast (keep in mind that autophagy starts at 17 hours). Maximum autophagy as she describes begins at 72 hours. For most of us, fasting is such a radical concept to an approach to better health because society tells us just the opposite. Since I began intermittent fasting, I most definitely see the health benefits. I’m not quite there yet with fasting 17 hours each day but I may reach this a few days out of the week. It’s a start.

Video credit: Dr. Mindy Pelz, YouTube Channel Fastlikeagirl

We have 9 more days to go in this Almost Vegan Challenge! The report I have received back from many is that it has not been as difficult as they thought it would be, however, it’s easy to fall back into old habits. Try to keep it going and just remember, the body will heal on it’s own if we allow it to through a healthy diet and lifestyle. The best cure for disease is prevention. Life is a gift from the Most High and I pray all will take the utmost care of the one we have all been given.

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The Benefits of Sprouting

This is day 5 of our Tapin2life Almost Vegan Challenge!

I hope all that have joined us are doing well and are on the road to better health. Here are a few more meal combo ideas and an easy nutritional tip for those who haven’t tried sprouting. More recipe and vegan/almost vegan meal ideas to come as we continue the challenge.

Watch my quick Video on the amazing benefits of sprouting the lentil!

Lentils are healthy, however, sprouting our seeds and beans can pack in even more nutritional benefit. Take a look at the one minute vid by clicking the above link to see how easy and beneficial it is!

Try this combo for a healthy and filling meal:

Greens of your choice sauteed in olive oil and a bed of red onion, mushrooms and garlic

Brown rice, and if you want to upgrade make it Jollof Rice

Lightly breaded and oven-baked broccoli and cauliflower

Savory slices of sweet potatoes with zaatar seasoning, cumin, salt and pepper with roasted garlic

See this link for more recipes from the last post and if you want to come on board for the Tapin2life Almost Vegan Challenge Let’s Go!

Shopping List for the challenge:


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