My Top 5

Tap, Tip of the Toes or Trailblazer, these artists were extraordinary people on and off stage.  Most of them were civil rights activists and teachers as well as dancers and choreographers.  Some even starred in major film productions.

This is a tribute to those paving the way in dance back in the day.  They opened doors, literally, and broke down barriers to earning a living for African Americans in this form of entertainment so that those like me can benefit from having so many possibilities today.  So, here are my top 5/6 greats that have influenced me and that have made dance such a fascinating art form to teach and study.  Did any of these make your top 5?  Click the gallery pictures to read about these iconic artists and leave a comment to let me know.

Ballerinas in the Making

Practice, Practice, Practice!

I have often thought how much strength it takes to dance so beautifully with such grace.  It is grueling to submit your body to what is required in order to bring the beauty to this art form.  Excited to be embarking on a wonderful journey, teaching not just dance, but also about not giving up even though sometimes life gets hard.  Anything worth having takes work and commitment.

Thank you my beautiful ballerinas in the making for your inspiration and enthusiasm.  What a blessing you all are!

Purify Me

Dehydration, Neglected governmental obligation, Improper sanitation….Flint’s plight

Rejuvenation, Replenishes after intoxication, Lack of causes constipation…an oversight?


8 cups per day to maintain, amazingly staves off a migraine, the Father’s early and latter rains….blessing

But when people are deprived, children suffer failure to thrive, shouldn’t be this hard to survive!….curses


Don’t take it for granted, necessity for seeds planted, politicians’ promises recanted…need action!

Purifies the body and soul, helping our fellowman is our goal, oppose population control…fight back!


Don’t forget since 2014 those in Flint, Michigan and so many other forgotten places

have been in crisis and left without proper drinking water

Do Your Part!

Take Action!

Help Flint Michigan

Introducing JazzitUp Workouts

Taptutor is back with new workouts!  This fresh new approach helps you to workout while not feeling like it’s a work out.  Come hang out with me and burn some calories while getting your 20 minutes of fitness in.  Subscribe and workout to my videos often!

Love Dance

This narrative tells the story of two lovers through my eyes as a dancer and admirer of music, particularly 90’s R&B.  I hope you enjoy and feedback as well as constructive criticism is always welcome!

So young in the beginning, she politely accepted his hand as he asked her to dance.  As he led her to the dance floor, she thought, “I’m not his type”.  The music was so soft but yet alluring.  Something different about him, she thought.  His confidence made her head twirl and her imagination tip toed into the future, a soft bourree’ into places in her mind she would not dare share with anyone, for certain not him.  Would she dare dream that he is the ONE?

The music sped up and became a bit louder as the song transitioned into a conscious hip hop beat, making the young couples’ hearts saute with delight, and as the tempo slowed into “Baby I’m Yours” by Shai, they realized they were drawn in very closely by an irresistible force, into a lover’s embrace. Her head finding a niche to rest on his chest as she studied his heartbeat. She liked that rhythm.  All others on the dance floor faded away into faceless characters as the two held each other as if already a pair, both silently hoping that the DJ would play another song like this one.  I need more time, he thought.  But she went with the rhythm of the new song and encouraged him to do the same as she flirted with him through the movement of her hips, although subtle and a bit shy and unassured.  She didn’t want to be hurt again.  Could she be the ONE, he thought?

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Never Forget Them


No matter what your ethnicity or location,

What WILL you do for the sake of humanity?

Please provide any information you discover about the missing to all of these sites or contacts in order to help bring them home and support the victims, families and friends.  Let’s join together and post whatever we can on our social medias & blogs to bring more awareness to this madness.  The more awareness, the more help we can generate for the Missing and bring them back, no matter what the reason they are missing.  This could easily be any of our loved ones.

Black and Missing Foundation

24/7 HelpLine (800-587-4357) or Master List of Missing Children

bring our missing home

The Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC:  Youth & Family Services Division (202)576-6768,

Command Information Center (202)727-9099


Propel a Future Young Artist Forward

The saying is so true, “Children are our future”.  Our son, Michael is featured on my blog as a guest artist and is branching out on a new business venture.  He is a very talented artist and specializes in sketches and logos such as the one featured here on tapin2life and my performing group, Beloved One as seen below.

Please visit his Fundrazr Campaign page by clicking this link.  Bene ha Nativ T-shirt Fund raiser

Donations go toward a T-shirt making machine and Michael is donating 10% to his neighborhood for community development.  For donations of $30 or more, you will receive a Bene ha Nativ T-shirt designed by Michael as seen below.  Our family appreciates any support you can give!

Guest Poetry by Yahna_D_Vine

This special guest poet is a friend of mine that has been writing for some time now.  In addition, she is a very talented model.  Enjoy her creative work entitled, “I Pray to Thee” and please give her some love on my blog by liking, sharing and leaving a comment!


Partners in Crime? HBP and SD!

Is High Blood Pressure linked to Sleep Deprivation (SD)?

I thought about this as I awoke this morning, not feeling very rested and knowing I should have went to bed earlier.  Also, I thought of my family members in the US that I felt compelled to text after a troubling 4:00 a.m. nightmare.  They often are still up as I rise at 6 or 7 a.m., which tells me…… they are most likely not getting enough sleep either!

Could we be destroying our health from just lack of this one simple thing…..sleep?  Studies have shown that less than 6 hours per night of sleep could possibly have a correlation to increase blood pressure.  Sleep helps our blood to regulate our stress hormones and helps our nervous systems to stay healthy.

Over a period of time, not getting the proper amount of sleep could decrease our body’s ability to regulate stress hormones, which in turn, could cause High Blood Pressure or worsen already HBP.

So what’s the recommendation?  The goal should be 7-8 hours of sleep per day.  This may play a part in prevention as well as treatment of HBP.

Are you a snorer?  Well, you may need to ask your partner because if they are giving you this look when you awaken from a jab, chances are, YOU ARE a snorer.

So why is this important to note?  If you don’t sleep well and don’t feel rested, even after 7 hours of sleep, you may be suffering from a disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  This condition can also play a part in HBP.  In OSA, you repeatedly stop and start breathing during sleep.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, OSA is a common contributor of HBP and often undiagnosed.  You should talk to your doctor because this could lead not only to HBP but to other heart or serious health problems as well.

Improving your sleep can also improve your mood and memory as well.  Who doesn’t feel better after sleeping all night like a baby and being able to wake up on your own without the aid of an alarm clock?

So just a simple recommendation from me, please, get your 7 in and live and feel heart healthier!

Nikia Browne Singer, Composer and Producer

My Featured Guest Artist is a personal friend and family member who I am a huge fan of and I am so excited to finally have her featured on tapin2life!!!

Born in Phoenix,Arizona, Nikia started imitating legendary artists such as Jackie Wilson, Stevie Wonder and Prince.  She discovered her own voice as a teenager and began writing songs and singing in her closet ever since.  A high school friend of her’s encouraged her to break out of her shyness and sing for the world to hear.  She has been singing  ever since.
She has always had a strong desire to find The Creator of the Heavens, the earth, the sea and all that is in them.  Her journey caused her to totally dedicate her gift to The Most High.  Along the way she has met some amazing musicians and artists that have shaped her into the amazing artist that she is today.  She prays that her music will inspire and heal the Nations!  She currently, and prayerfully forever, will reside in Israel.  “Being in such a historic and spiritual Land has only increased my focus and my goal to create music that will aid in changing the spirit of the world,” remarks Nikia.  Since her arrival in Israel, she has been featured in commercials, music videos and on a major television show, “Kochav Nolad” Israel.  She also enjoys photography and producing other artists.


To hear this amazing artist’s collaboration with other talented artists, please support her by visiting the soundcloud site below and watching this heartfelt video of the struggle of African Americans in the US and Nikia’s passionate interpretation:

Let My People Go featuring Nikia and other talented artists