Should I Remove My Mercury Fillings?

In my youth I have to admit, I didn’t give to much thought as to what I was eating or pay as much attention to mouth care. I received all of the teachings from my parents and dentist to brush my teeth at least morning and night as well as floss after eating, but sadly had no idea of the impact that poor dental hygiene could have on our health. It was good that I was told to do these things but it would have been much more motivating to see the effects of what not doing them resulted in.

Fast forward to today, I have about 5 amalgam fillings (dental fillings that include a high percentage of mercury) in my mouth and with the development of certain ailments over time, I continue to wonder if these fillings have anything to do with it. Please take a minute to listen to Brian Peddicord’s story in the video below. Although I don’t have a lot of his symptoms, I can’t help but wonder what else these amalgams cause and that many of us that received them did not give our consent knowing the risks. The first time I was ever asked for me and any of my children if I wanted amalgam or porcelain (another available option), I was about 40 years old and living in Israel. Should a dental cavity develop now in my mouth or my children’s of course I choose porcelain. It is more costly but well worth avoiding the health risks of amalgam. At any rate, I am of course trying to be healthier so that we avoid dental cavities along with the development of other disorders in the body.

Video credit: Brian Peddicord “Mercury Poisoning & Amalgam Fillings – My Story”

The scary thing about this is, how many of us know someone that fits Brian’s story? How much of this could have been prevented and think of what his life would have been like, all of the pain that could have been avoided. Of course our stories and struggles if used for good help countless others. Thank you Brian for sharing your story.

See the below article for more info on safety information and those at high risk for mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings:

Getting the amalgam removed is not without risk either, however, there is an emergence of hope. Many natural dentists are beginning to come forth and have the training to decrease the risk of toxicity to the patient and the healthcare provider by a series of steps in the removal procedure and with special equipment. See the below videos by Dr. Berg regarding toxicity, ways to detox with natural products as well as his personal story and opinion. The video that follows is a doctor who has been trained in the removal of amalgam.

Video Credit: “Mercury Toxicity”, by Dr. Eric Berg, DC

Bottom Line:

With amalgam, the concern is regarding the metals used and with resin there is concern over BPA. The American Dental Association has information regarding the safety and efficacy of both solutions, but can we trust it? We must be informed of our choices and the possible consequences of those choices. Many of us I’m sure were not aware back in the day of the impact that these fillings would have on our lives and health. I’m sure some of the dental professionals may not have either. Removal will have to be weighed with the size of the filling, the soundness of the filling (is it damaged or in relatively good shape) and the health of your gum tissue, bone structure and teeth. Speaking to your dentist and your general physician can help you to decide as well as if you are having symptoms of toxicity.

Video credit: “Mercury Filling Removal Process”, by Millennium Dental Associates

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