Repost, Taptutor Trailer!


Taptutor Session 10! The Maxie Ford or Maxie Break!

Hello to all of my dancers out there, whether beginner or advanced, it’s always good to brush up on technique and practice.  This is for all ages.  Maybe you want to learn tap in the comfort of your own home.  Just subscribe to my YouTube after watching this video!

Tap Session 6- Paddle & Roll/Paradiddle

Getting a little faster and adding to our knowledge in this session!  Practice, practice, practice!

Taptutor Session 5

Check out these new steps and combinations to build on your knowledge of the taps steps we have done so far!

Tap Session 4

Continuing on with Tap Session 4 where we learn how to incorporate toe step and cramp roll into a combination!  Keep practicing and please subscribe to my YouTube!

Taptutor Session 3

  • The pace is picking up a little….keep practicing and add these new steps to your workout!

Please remember to do the warm-up as well as sessions 1-2 before doing this one and remember….practice makes perfect!