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Singer, Composer & Producer Nikia Browne


Update on Guest Artist Akilah Mosley


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Dancer & Future Leader, Featured Artist Saquana Royston


Who says you can not have brains and beauty?  Saquana Royston is a Junior at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy.  While inspiring other students to strive to be their best and reach their full potential, she is also breaking new ground herself in dance.  Her latest accomplishments in the dance world include a Double Platinum Award (first competitive high score) and a Second Overall Award  in Stage One Dance Competition.  Saquana also is a member of the National Honor Society and the KEY Club.  The KEY Club is an organization led by students whose goal is to encourage leadership through helping others.  Also, she is a dance student at Caruthers Creative Center Dance Studio, a phenomenal long-running black owned business in Kansas City.  Saquana inspires to be an obstetrician, and I have no doubt that with her steadfastness in her studies and her leadership qualities that she will become a great doctor.

Rebellion of the Gridiron Gladiators, by Bryan Long, Featured Guest Artist




Featured Artist:  Professional Dancer, Model & Aspiring Film-Maker

Lights, camera, action….Kya Modeling Comp Card Proof 2015

Kya Berry is a 12 year old aspiring film-maker, professional model for Hoffman International, has been a dancer at Caruthers Creative Center since age two, and now Kya has added another credit to her list of accomplishments. Since age 10 Kya has been the proud creator of her own YouTube channel, and I can’t resist saying….she is my niece!

Kya first knew she wanted to become a filmmaker when she was five years old. She stated that she “Wanted to live in New York in a loft and make films.” Years later she added that she, “Loved making short films to get the attention of kids her age while inspiring them to be creative and also providing entertainment.” Kya describes filmmaking as “Life.” Her YouTube channel features segments on video editing, cool hacks, arts and crafts, make-up and fashion tutorials, cellular case designs, and off the cuff videos with friends and family completing funny, wacky challenges.

When Kya is not creating content for her next video for her subscribers, she is dancing for Caruthers Creative Center and going to model castings for such companies as Eggo, American Girl, Nappa Auto Parts, and American Food and Vending, to name a few. She has also been featured on a few runway fashion shows.

When Kya is not modeling, dancing keeps her busy. Her favorite genres of dance are jazz and hip-hop but she is skilled in tap, lyrical, acrobatics, and cheer dance. To date, Kya has been a part of the Caruthers Creative Center Hot Stepperz competitive dance troupe for over 8 years, has performed at prestigious venues, and received over 50 accolades for competitive dancing.

Many describe Kya as “determined,” “ambitious,” “down to earth” and “very creative and talented.”  It will come as no surprise to see Kya take her place alongside the great filmmakers of the next generation or to see her dancing or modeling in New York, relaxing in her loft.

Look out world for the next star…Kya Berry!Stage 1 competition Jazz solo

To access her YouTube channel subscribe to: missperfectmakeup2003

Add her on Facebook: Buetiful Kyky

And most importantly, support Kya in her filmmaking dreams at Go Fund Me (

Featured Artist:  Poet, Writer & Producer Akilah Mosley

20160509_155527 (1)

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Akilah Mosley received a Master’s Degree in 2015 from the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. The Kansas native has written and performed poetry, short stories, and plays at various venues around the world. Mrs. Mosley also attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Theater. Currently, she conducts ‘Performance Poetry’ workshops and enjoys writing and directing plays. She lives in Ashkelon, Israel with her husband and four children. She takes pleasure in telling stories through poetry, song, and dance.

Akilah is a great friend of mine and here is one of her beautiful and inspirational poems!


When some ask my occupation,
chin kiss sky without
batting an eye, I say
‘I’m bout population!’
Carry them in folds beneath
my globe, birth and raise them
to Adonai, as laying of hands
command prophecy,
and on the 8th day
we ceremonially name them.
Embedding laws
profitable for teaching,
reproof, setting straight,
and instruction seeking.
That they may be fitted,
equipped for every good work,
Refuse eating idle bread
or idolizing TV.
My children are academically
hungry, so I have mouths to feed.
Planting seeds of power
in the tongue to combat
‘no child left behind’ illiteracy
by teaching— a second language,
colors, shapes, abc’s,
sentence structure,
phonetic spelling, and 123’s.
Look I’m just trying to make sure
my baby can read.
And set time aside to implement
tactics on fighting the adversary.

I wonder how many hats,
or head wraps, I’ll wear today.
Some ask me to explain and I say…
‘I got the teacher’s hat
with the torah in bag,
teaching shema and selah
in one day.
I got the stethoscope and
an ounce of hope,
using ancient remedies
to keep ailments away.
I rock the judge’s suit
during hot disputes,
eliminating high emotions and fighting.
Apron round waist,
dust & disinfect each space
making my tranquil home
more inviting.
Got the recipe book,
when it’s time to cook.
Put garlic, onions, peppers,
and a ‘foot’ in it.
Grab a needle and some thread,
sew a hole or comfort a bed.
Hand stitch, embroider, crochet,
and slip a nook in it.
I pick a field and buy it,
start a business, build clients,
desiring to fit in my own dreams.
Counting berries and seeds,
pulling up debris and weeds,
as I plant, water, and harvest
in the spring.
From clothes drives to food drops,
homeless shelters to shut-in stops.
These hats may alternate, but
they never come off.
Then I’m a helpmate, treating
him good all my days
where there is no lack of gain.
And I’m a loving mother who
nurtures, disciplines, and directs
them in the way. ‘

So we should never be ashamed
of one of the most important jobs
given— taking on the responsibility
of raising children, who rely on
our every decision for living
lives as resilient,
house-making women!

-Akilah Mosley

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Featured Artist:   Mykael Terry

Mykael the Artist!

As many of you may know, this is Michael Terry, my son.  Already at the age of 17, he is a phenomenal artist.  He began sketching at the age of 5, and then, everything was about “Dragon Ball Z”.

I am proud to say that he has expanded his knowledge of art and the different types of media.

He is affectionately known in our household as the “Workout Warrior” due to his passion to keep in shape through “Bar Stars” workouts and running.  He inherited my love for learning how to maintain health through fitness and a sensible diet.

He aspires to use his talents in the future in traditional and nontraditional ways, taking art to the next level.

Below are some of his most recent sketches, some of them of various artists that you may recognize.  Others are inspired from his imagination, and as you can see, he has a very active imagination.