Journey to Wellness: Turning Back the Clock Part 6- Stem Cell Reactivation & Enhancement!

We are all born with many stem cells that decrease over time. When we are embryos, the stem cells are general and differentiate into many types of stem cells that go on to serve their purpose. They play a major role in the body’s healing process. This is why stem cell research has led to advances in medical treatment of about 80 plus diseases; but what if our diet can help us to reactivate or enhance our stem cells to cure our bodies of certain diseases? Do we have to wait until we get seriously ill or are there things that we can naturally do to even prevent disease. Watch these short videos to see what I mean.

Video credit: You Tube The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D., “Can Food Reactivate Your Stem Cells? | Dr. William Li

In addition to the foods mentioned above in the interview with Dr. William Li and Dr. Mark Hyman, it’s very interesting that we can enhance our stem cells that remain with us as adults by periodically doing a 72 hour fast. This 72 hour fast turns off PKA, a gene that needs to shut down in order for stem cell enhancement. Fasting prolongs our longevity for one reason due to stem cell enhancement.

Dr. Eric Berg, DC “Using Fasting to Enhance Stem Cells – Dr. Berg On Intermittent Fasting & Cell Regeneration”

In addition to the above tips in the videos, let’s talk about repair specifically of the nerve:

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: nuts, oils (olive oil, flaxseed oil, omega-3 oil, cod liver oil and blackseed oil), fatty fishes, chia seeds, flax seeds or in a supplement 1,000 mg per day- good for numbness, tingling. This nutrient helps in the regrowth of damaged nerve tissue following damage. It also prevents lack of oxygenation to the nerve tissue and keeps the nerve strong. Omega-3 also improves brain health.
  • Vitamin B6- especially good for neuropathy (nerve pain), if you have diabetes and have this symptom it may be worth trying this supplement 50-100 mg and may need to take it several times a day or increase foods high in this vitamin such as: potatoes, fish, beef liver, some non-citrus fruits, fortified cereals and poultry
  • Vitamin B12: This vitamin plays a huge role as well in nerve regeneration and repair. It helps to protect the myelin sheath of the nerve which is the nerve’s protective covering. You can get this from foods such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs. Most forms come as 1,000 mcg such as tablets, and can also be bought in the liquid form.

I hope this has been helpful and please, if you know someone that suffers from some type of degenerative disease, they feel really run down, a lot of aches and pains, or they want to do something to turn back the clock and feel more healthy, please pass this info and link on to them.

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Journey to Wellness: Turning Back the Clock Part 5- Age Reversal on the Micro Level

Are you feeling your age? I mean are you 40 but feel like 50, or 50 but feel like 60 or 70? Suffering from brain fog, low energy, a lot of aches and pains? Trying to lose weight but no matter what you do it seems to stay with you? Well no matter what age you are, I’m positive that we can reverse our age. Many of you know my story, that I began a new journey about 3 years ago in search of healing for the pain I was in from arthritis in my hips, hands and back. As a part-time dance instructor and full-time pharmacist it was hard for me to imagine that I was going to be on a medication for the rest of my life or just suffer. Many asked me, “So you’re a pharmacist that doesn’t like taking the very medication that you dispense?” My answer was always an immediate, ”yes”. I always knew there was a better alternative for healing, at least in over 90% of medical situations. Do I believe that there are some medications that have their place? Absolutely! However, the majority of our health issues come from not allowing our bodies to heal the way they are intended to by indulging in the wrong intake of so called food, alcohol, sugar, salt and environmental issues beyond our immediate control; even down to the quality of water that we drink and bathe in.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at this Steve Harvey video in which he gives a testimony of how a lot of us begin to feel at a certain age. It may hit some of us at 30 and others not until 60 or beyond, but at some point, that wake up call will come that we need to start seriously taking better care of ourselves. I’m not posting this video to necessarily endorse his health drinks, however, I have heard great things about them. Please watch the video to hear how Mr. Harvey took action to get to a point of better health and educate himself how to maintain his health and help others as well.

Steve Harvey and medical team explain how he reversed his age at the micro level

As you heard in the video, Dr. Castel Santana said that Steve, like a lot of us suffer from Mitochondria Decline. You may remember from anatomy class that the mitochondria are a structure found in every cell of our body. They are the “powerhouse” of our cells.

So let’s recap what Dr. Santana said to Steve Harvey about “Mitochondria Decline”:

  • It effects the way we burn our carbs and calories
  • How ageing relates to weight loss issues
  • If the mitochondria in our cells is in decline, our whole body performs poorly
  • The mitochondria turn the food we eat into energy for the body
  • This energy that the mitochondria convert is called ATP
  • There are 3 major things that contribute to the decline or destruction of our mitochondira: the standard American Diet, ageing (which naturally happens because there are some things out of our control entirely) and toxins that build up in our body over time

So what can we do about it?

Well as you know, this is what most of my health posts on my blog are all about. First of all, eat REAL food!!! You don’t have to go vegan, you can eat food from the ground as it was intended and other things like fish or meats but in moderation. Eat good fats such as olive oil, avacado, omega 3 rich foods, drink quality water.

Avoid foods that cause inflammation and aging. Avoid of course smoking and overindulging in alcohol. These are no brainers but not easy to let go of so it seems hard to even begin.

Make small lifestyle changes, for example, step one, cut out or at least cut down on sugar. Find healthy alternatives and transition to them little by little then on to the next goal.

Decrease salt and season your food with a small amount for flavor but take advantage of herbs and spices to season your food and leave out artificial seasonings.

Find a way to work in a regular exercise program….whatever works for you 3-4 times a week but JUST GET MOVING!!!

Have a support system. If you do it with loved ones and friends it helps to keep you motivated and more than likely you’ll be more successful at making it a permanent change.

JUICING IS GREAT! A good way to get your fiber, vitamins and mineral in

Eat with purpose. No snacking.

Meal prep for several days is great and takes the guess work out. You’ll be more likely to not “fall off the wagon” so to speak

Intermittent Fasting! This promotes autophagy (the eating up of old sludge in the body and dead cells, even precancerous cells). Also this promotes a healthy weight and so much more.

Below is a link from a previous post that may help you to get started on just one healthy thing. I hope you will consider and not only for yourself but pass the info on to those that you love. Spread the word!

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Journey to Wellness: Turning Back the Clock Part 2

First & foremost spirituality:🙏🏿

Spirituality is the center of my life and my Love for the Most High. We should always try to bear these fruits so that there is no room for negativity and when trouble comes, we will be able to withstand the stress and temptations of the world.
But the fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith,
Meekness, Temperance: against such there is no law.

Decrease Stress in your life as much as possible😰

Check out my post on the relationship between Cortisol and Stress and why this is so very important to stop this vicious feedback cycle.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Notice that I said each night!!!!😴

Have a Hobby, do anything that makes you at peace with The Most High

One of my major hobbies is dance and I gain so much from teaching the art. Find something that suits you and gain healing from it.

A support group is extremely important as well:

Sometimes you’ll look right and left and find that it’s just you, The Most High, and the Ruach ha Kodesh. If we’re extremely blessed we have the support of close family and friends…be sure that those you walk with are for Yah to gain optimum support

Responsibility for your own health: Cooking/preparing your own meals & educating yourself about what changes to make, listen to your body. It’s a journey. It may help as you get started to keep a journal of what you eat and drink and the effect these things have on you.

Gardening at any level or taking care of house plants- grow what you can and eat it! Have a window garden or an inside herb garden. It doesn’t take much space or time.

Exercise and stretching:🧘🏿‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🤾🏿

What’s your actual age? Can you bend over and touch your palms to the floor? Stretching and yoga just do the body good in turning back the clock. Check out my Taptutor Youtube Channel for low/ moderate impact exercise. Stretching and higher intensity dance videos coming to you in the future!

Starting over…shopping list:🛒
Drink/Eat alkaline water & food

What’s in your kitchen? See the above link for a list of the top 15 alkaline foods. Also daily detoxification with lemon water, apple cider vinegar, and water are great ways to gently detox the body.

So you’re in the grocery store or the whole foods store…….what do you purchase??? (this list will hopefully get you started). Most of these foods detoxify, are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

GrainsFruits Nuts & Seeds Vegetables OtherLegumes & BeansOils/
Healthy Fats
Whole Spelt FlourApples🍎AlmondsPeppers:
especially cayenne,
bell peppers
(rich in vitamin D)
Black/Orange Lentils
Olive Oil
broccoli🥦Plant based drinks
(not soy)
like Almond,
cashew, etc.
Chick PeasAvo-
Brown RiceStrawberriesPine
root veggies
Hummos, apple cider vinegarKidney BeansSesame
Seed Oil
Walnutskale, greensDate Sugar, Honey🍯
or Coconut Sugar
Red or Black BeansSun-
BuckwheatDark seeded grapesTahinisea veggies
Dried Herbs: oregano,
basil, parsley, etc.
Tofu in moderation
Oil &
Hemp Oil
If you must
have bread
whole grain
Limes/lemonsChia Seedssweet potatoesSpirulina, ginger, sea salt
tumeric, green tea
Avocado🥑Flax SeedsonionsMatcha
Bananagarlic Cinnamon
Minimum Must Have Grocery List

Caution if you suffer from gout or gall/kidney stones or are prone to oxalate accumulation as you implement the above foods

I leave you with this inspirational video and thought!!!
“God Can Do Anything But Fail”

Try Him, believe in Him with all your heart, all is possible!

I’m not an M.D. but a Doctor of Pharmacy, not Ph.D. Please, anything that you do make sure that you inform your physician of any changes from a health aspect.

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Journey to Wellness: Turning Back the Clock Part 1

Where do I begin? How do I get started? I don’t have enough money to eat healthy. It takes too much time to do that……….

If you ask most people if they want to be healthy, healthier, or at their optimum health, they will reply with a quick “yes” or “of course”, however, what I have experienced is that our brain talks us out of even getting started from fear of failure or thinking that we don’t have the capability to change our lives for the better, so why even try?

This post is my attempt of trying to really encourage each and every one of you that desires to change your life and reach your optimum health to just GET STARTED!!!!!!! This is a journey and it’s all about knowing how our bodies respond to foods, nutrients and minerals, detoxification, and the effect that they have on our overall wellbeing. So with that, what are some first steps to take on YOUR journey?

First of all, get yourself spiritually and mentally prepared that this will be a lifelong journey. In order for the changes to be permanent, YOU must permanently change!

Second, once you decide to get your wellness journey started, pick a date and begin to rid your house of substances that are known to be toxic/unhealthy. For now, we will just focus on what we put in our mouths:

White and refined foods: white flour, white sugar, white rice, white bread, white table salt, you get the picture. The Most High made food to have rich colors which is a sign of the nutrients still in them.

Get rid of it!

Artificial sweeteners, margarine, canola oil, substances with high fructose corn syrup (see my post) as well as fizzy and sugary drinks.

Condiments add a lot of unneeded calories, sugar, salt, MSG, and other harmful substances (see my post) and most are toxic to our system.

Minimize your alcohol intake and of course stop smoking! If you don’t buy it or stock it in your cabinet, hopefully you won’t be so prone to using these substances. For every unhealthy habit you are trying to remove, pick a healthy one as a replacement and distraction.

Anything that’s considered “fat-free”, “low calorie”, “cholesterol free” will most likely compensate by the use of other substances high in trans-fats or sugar and more.

I don’t claim to be Vegan, however, I do believe in extreme minimization of me and my family’s intake of animal products. I don’t buy chicken or fish at all anymore and about once month we may have a taste of some type of fish high in Omega-3 such as Salmon, occasionally tilapia as well.

Dairy- extremely minimal use in my household. You can easily replace any item with plant-based food such as almond, cashew, rice, or coconut sources for milk. Cashew and almond butter are very tasty. For eggs, although I buy them for my children, I prefer a flax egg mixture or tofu if I have the taste for eggs. I am not a fan of soy, however, if you use it make sure it is fermented. Tempeh soy is a great source as well. If soy is minimized it’s not an issue for me.

Processed foods and meats- any packaged food is suspect! Hot-dogs and lunch meat have literally been linked to cancer and kidney issues. Not worth it!

Invest in good cooking utensils such as unglazed clay pots and cast iron skillets. Avoid aluminum, non-stick pots, and pans. The latter has been linked to many health issues because they leach out toxic substances. Store your foods as much as possible in glass Tupperware versus plastic. Use cardboard one-time use pans for baking if you must for convenience. Don’t use aluminum foil and plastic wrap or at least minimize use.

Exposure to toxic substances like smoke, chemicals, toxic people even. Keep your environment as healthy as possible.

So now what?

Third: Now that you have thrown out the toxic things, it’s time to get started on “What to eat and drink”. Above is an example of my daily breakfast which includes: one small apple cut into chunks, a small number of fresh blueberries, raisins, chopped brazil nuts, chopped pecans, pumpkin seeds, a teaspoon of flaxseeds, a teaspoon of powdered almonds, a splash of Coconut drink or sometimes almond milk, 3 tablespoonsful of oats and a tablespoon of unsweetened applesauce. It’s amazingly filling and of course delicious!

Jumpstart with a Coffee enema! You can find the kits in your local pharmacy. Make sure to use and organic coffee.

Intake water with a pH above 7.4 at least to help keep your body as alkaline as possible.

Start a daily detox. This is a lifestyle change and we will never be able to rid ourselves totally of toxicity in the environment we live in today. Pick one that works for your body and your lifestyle. One of mine is at the end of the day a relaxing cup of green tea with matcha and moringa powder with unrefined honey, ginger, and tumeric. (see recent post )

Take this journey with me and change your life for the better!

Fourth, do your own research. Check out this vid. Very helpful and inspirational. Also, the books pictured in this post are highly recommended by me and my Elders. Great resources. Look for them on the Book Depository Site.

More of what to do in part 2 of this post! Ready, set, get healthy!!!

As always, thank you so much for reading, please subscribe/follow, share, and like if you saw something here that has helped to inspire you on a better road to health!