Listen to What Our Feet are Telling Us

Did you know that our feet communicate a number of things to us? No, I’m not saying that they actually talk to us, however, they reveal signs of some things that we need to pay attention to that pertain to our health and well being.

Check out this short video by Dr. Gus “8 Things Your Feet Are Telling You About Your Health” (Diseases Revealed By Your Feet)

Video Credit: Dr. Gus, “8 Things Your Feet Are Telling You About Your Health – Diseases Revealed By Your Feet”

So to recap the 8 things we saw in the video, look for the following things:

*Heart, Liver or Kidney:

Swollen ankles or feet. See your doctor to rule out organ failure.

*Poor Circulation and/or nerve damage:

You may experience numbness, tingling and pain in your feet. Some may have cold feet or toes.

Your feet may change in color, develop a bad odor, moles. See your doctor!

Exercise, decreasing sugar and losing weight may help

*Diabetes: this is a form of inflammation and most definitely decreasing sugar and inflammatory foods works miracles.

*Hormonal Condition:

Thyroid- you may experience cold toes and feet. See your doctor.

*Need to change your diet & lifestyle; take tumeric:

feeling weight bearing pain in the feet, inflammation

Also check out this great video by Dr. Berg for more ways to see what your feet are telling you about your health.

Video credit: Dr. Berg, “How Your Feet Are Warning You About Your Liver Problems”

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