Warning! Pick Your Tea Carefully

If you are a tea versus a coffee drinker, you know there are so many teas to choose from and some better quality than others. Then there are the bags versus the dry tea leaves and all that you can add to the tea to enhance the flavor and the health benefits. Typically I use ginger, lemon and raw honey to any tea that I make. This is not just for taste but for health benefits as well. Take a look at what Dr. Berg has to say in this video about drinking tea.

Dr. Eric Berg DC, YouTube “STOP Drinking Tea Until You Watch This”

So to recap:

  • Be careful where you get your tea from. China is most likely not a good source. Japan may be a better quality tea without heavy metals such as aluminum, lead and arsenic as well as pesticides and flouride.
  • Know the symptoms of B1 depletion (this can happen from drinking teas high in tannins)
  • The tea bags may be bleached with chlorine bleach which is carcinogenic
  • Take minerals if you drink a lot of tea because it can deplete your minerals
  • Buy dry, organic and lose leaf tea or buy organic

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