JazzitUp Mother Daughter Workout

This video post is a super fun workout that anyone can do! It is meant to inspire all, especially mothers and daughters to spend time with one another. Our children are only with us for a little while, and before you know it, all grown upπŸ˜‰! So, find ways to share, laugh, love and learn. Hope you enjoy the vid and the bloopers at the endπŸ˜‚!

Remember to share and comment on how you bond with your children. It may just help someone else.


6 thoughts on “JazzitUp Mother Daughter Workout

  1. This looks like so much fun! Dancing is something I like to do. When my daughter was living with me we would go to Zumba classes together. Now that we live across the ocean from each other we play Words with Friends over the internet. Yes mother daughter activities are uplifting !

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    1. Yes it was fun….still tickled and worked up a sweat! πŸ˜† Like me you’ve learned to also cherish every moment.❀


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