Mother and Son Art to Heart Journey Tel Aviv and Back

This vid has been a long time in the making.  Had to do some soul-searching, however, one trip changed how I actually viewed my Son’s choice of art.  It was truly a great road trip for us and a lesson in how to listen to each other and appreciate each other’s art form.

I used to think about how in the past there was something always special about the age of each of our children…..the baby years, the terrible twos, first year of school, graduation from grade school….and then look out!!!  Nothing could have ever prepared me for having 4 teenagers. 

Funny how the lesson learned was on me this time in finding the joy in the NOW and not yesterday’s memories or looking so far into the future. What was to be a simple dentist appointment for my oldest in Tel Aviv turned into a heart to heart moment that allowed me to see my son as just a unique and extremely creative and courageous individual with his own voice through his art. Please don’t ever forget to live in the NOW and always find something to be grateful for.

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JazzitUp Mother Daughter Workout

This video post is a super fun workout that anyone can do! It is meant to inspire all, especially mothers and daughters to spend time with one another. Our children are only with us for a little while, and before you know it, all grown up😉! So, find ways to share, laugh, love and learn. Hope you enjoy the vid and the bloopers at the end😂!

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