Taptutor Tap and Work-out Session 1

Please check out my first tap session video and get a short work-out!

  • This particular session is a good review for beginners and young tappers
  • Also good for those that may have missed their opportunity to dance in their youth…..well here is your second chance
  • If you need to learn the terminology in tap, its a good review
  • Or if you just want to have a fun and unique work-out

Whatever the reason, I hope you find it enjoyable and will take this journey with me, the Taptutor.

More videos to come and the skill level will increase as we go. ย Please follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Enjoy the tap session!


6 thoughts on “Taptutor Tap and Work-out Session 1

  1. Great job. We are impressed and Mikie’s art is incredible. When is the next session. I want to share this with people in our congregation and dance studio.


    1. Thanks for watching! Yes, Mikie is really coming along in his art work. He will be participating soon in an art contest in Jerusalem. Please do share with everyone you know, young and old! Keep watching and reading and let me know how you like the next video and topic.


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I was very excited to get the first video session done. More to come soon! Spread the info and links.


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