Tap Session 4

Continuing on with Tap Session 4 where we learn how to incorporate toe step and cramp roll into a combination!  Keep practicing and please subscribe to my YouTube!

Taptutor Session 3

  • The pace is picking up a little….keep practicing and add these new steps to your workout!

Please remember to do the warm-up as well as sessions 1-2 before doing this one and remember….practice makes perfect!


Taptutor Tap and Work-out Session 1

Please check out my first tap session video and get a short work-out!

  • This particular session is a good review for beginners and young tappers
  • Also good for those that may have missed their opportunity to dance in their youth…..well here is your second chance
  • If you need to learn the terminology in tap, its a good review
  • Or if you just want to have a fun and unique work-out

Whatever the reason, I hope you find it enjoyable and will take this journey with me, the Taptutor.

More videos to come and the skill level will increase as we go.  Please follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Enjoy the tap session!


Short Warm-up Video

Before we get tappin’, here is a quick warm-up video that will help you to get your body ready.  Keep in mind that the more intense your dance session, of course the more you will need to prepare yourself through your warm-up.  At this time, since we are in the beginning stage of the tap lessons, this short warm-up is sufficient.  There will be more intensive warm-ups coming your way soon!

20160121_154204 (2)  20160121_155134 (2)









Who can take advantage of my work-outs:



  • Do you want to get more limber and be more flexible?
  • Are you a dance student who wants to fine-tune your skills or just pick up an extra practice?
  • Dance instructors can refer students to me, the “taptutor”, and let me do the work in between dance lessons for you.
  • Maybe you have always wanted to learn a form of dance and you missed out in the past….here is your second chance!
  • It is common knowledge that movement burns calories.  Tap and jazz are fun ways to get some exercise.
  • Best of all, you can learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

So ready….Get set….Let’s Go!  Do this first warm-up and I will see you in the next session where we will “tap it out” or “jazz it up”!

Warm-up video