Emergency Situation Part 2- When You Think Someone is Having a Heart Attack

Video Credit: St. John Ambulance YouTube Channel

This topic is near and dear to my heart indeed considering my family history and our family’s sudden loss 3 years ago of our beloved Mykael. Quick response is key to survival. It takes time for first responders to arrive and in the meantime, there are a number of things that can be done for the person that you suspect is having a heart attack as explained in the video above by St. John Ambulance.

Also, if you’re not sure that the person is having a heart attack, here is a way to do a quick assessment, remember the 4 P’s:

Pain in the chest

Pale skin

Pulse weak and rapid

Perspiration (sweating)

  • Sit the person on the floor with their head and shoulders supported
  • Call 911 in the U.S. (or in Israel 100) and ask for an ambulance and tell them that you think the person is having a heart attack
  • Administer aspirin 300 mg if no allergy to aspirin
  • Continue to check breathing, pulse and responsiveness
  • In the case of unresponsiveness, open the airway and be prepared to give CPR if they are not breathing until help arrives to take over.

In addition to these things, it’s been said that cayenne pepper can help to prevent or stop a heart attack. It may even be worthwhile keeping a teaspoon in a small plastic sack or vial in your wallet or purse so that it is always with you. Place it into a cup of water (preferably warm), stir and drink immediately. Cayenne pepper extract under the tongue is a great alternative if the individual is not conscious. It’s not very costly and also comes in pill form.

Video credit: Top Tech Gadgets YouTube

Of course the best prevention for heart attack is maintaining a healthy diet, getting our exercise, decreasing stress as much as possible, not smoking and getting the proper rest. I hope that this will help someone to prevent passing away from a heart attack. When we know better, we must do better.

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