How to Stomp Out This Famous Health Assassin Before it Gets You

A few statistics to start:

  • 142 lives claimed daily
  • 4-5% Americans will develop this sometime in their lifetime
  • 150K will be diagnosed this year and 50K will pass from it
  • 410 diagnosis from this every single day
  • 800% more in Americans as compared to India
  • African Americans compared with Native Africans have 65 times greater risk

So what is this deadly and famous assassin?????? It’s colon cancer. It can slip in silently and leave devastation behind. Well we’ve covered the bad news, now I want to share some good news. It is highly preventable and there are some easy ways to keep this from claiming our lives or someone that we love. Please watch the below video as Chuck Carroll interviews Gut health expert Dr. Will Bulsiewicz on 5 Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer.

In Summary the 5 Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer and that you can start doing today:

  • Get a colonoscopy done those age 45 years or older (in most cases) and repeat according to your doctor’s recommendation. If every eligible person were to do this, it has been said to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 90%. Don’t wait until you have symptoms!!!! Be about prevention and do a colonoscopy. If you have a family history of colorectal cancer, it may be recommended to get this procedure done sooner.
  • Get rid of red meat and processed ”meat” in your diet. Red and processed meat has been linked to the development of carcinogens in our microbiome. Also Dr. Bulsiewicz explains that the heme iron in these meats causes an inflammatory reaction. When we cook these meats, they form other carcinogens as well. Dr. Bulsiewicz also goes on to explain in this interview that WHO (the World Health Organization) discovered that the risk of developing colorectal cancer is increased with consumption of read meat and processed meat and as a result they were labeled as carcinogens. Now keep in mind that this does not mean that there is no risk with white meats.
  • Plant based diet: There was found to be a statistically significant reduction in colorectal cancer incidence among vegetarians in a study called the Adventist 2 Study, a very large population of Seventh Day Adventists in California.
  • Eat more fiber: Fiber is consumed and in the colon is where our microbiome is able to be fed. In-turn, the fiber is transformed to short-chain fatty acids. There is a direct mechanism linked to shutting down precancerous cells (apoptosis). It is explained in this interview also that with increase in fiber, you decrease the cancer risk.
  • Get more tumeric (from the phytochemical curcumin) in your diet: get more of this in your diet to receive more cancer fighting power!!! Tumeric has been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent over centuries. It’s been shown to decrease the number of polyps by 60% and the size of them by 50% in a specific high risk population who have FAP (Familial Adenomatous Polyposis). You can take it as a tea and adding a pinch of black pepper will increase the bioavailability by 2,000 %. This is a powerful combination.

Now on the flip side, what if you or a loved one are diagnosed with colorectal cancer? Is all hope lost? What other helpful information is available and is being discovered daily that if combined with modern day medicine and treatment will increase the likelihood of survival? Please take a look at the below video about a fascinating story of a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with stage 3 borderline stage 4 colorectal cancer and how he overcame it to no cancer in 4 months!!! Interview of Fred Evrard by Dr. Eric Berg.

I hope that this will help to prevent colorectal cancer in a lot of people and please spread the word, share the post and the videos by these professionals. I think seeing testimonies like this lend credibility to the healing power of The Most High and what He has naturally given us to stomp out disease and even prevent it. Coupled with the advancements in medicine and technology, if we’re willing to make healthy changes in our lives, surely we can achieve longevity and in good health.

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