How to Minimize a Few Huge Invisible Health Hazards

I don’t know very many people that would deny that radiofrequency radiation from any source is a health hazard; to what degree is arguable because it has been difficult to get the funding and give a voice to those who are doing the independent research that it takes to make the mainstream healthcare, scientific, manufacturer and governmental organizations pay attention and make immediate changes to make safer products and make our environment as safe as possible.

So why is this a health risk for us:

  • higher risk of brain and other types of cancers
  • lower sperm counts
  • migraine headaches
  • you may encounter changes in your nervous system, brain and metabolism
  • fetal developmental changes may result as well

Although this video is a bit dated, it is still very relevant and the research base is sound. Dr. Devra Davis is an expert on electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices. She outlines in this video the evolution of the cell phone and smartphone as well as the hazards and includes a bit about other devices as well. The visuals in this video were quite unsettling to me. Please take a look.

Video by The University of Melbourne, speaker Dr. Devra Davis

So how to we reduce our exposure to these hazardous radiofrequencies? See the list below by Dr. Devra Davis’ lecture and the below video from “Environmental Working Group (EWG) and please share this information with everyone you know, love and care for. Also to see the latest research visit:

Video by Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Dr. Devra Davis’ list of how to reduce our exposure:

Source: Dr. Devra Davis

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