Eggxtraordinary Food Item for Health

Eggs have been one of the food substances at the center of controversy for at least the last few decades. Are they healthy for us? Is there a cholesterol issue? What nutritional value to they bring to the table? How many should we eat per day without it being unhealthy? Well I want to dive into this subject and shed some light on the answers to at least some of these questions.

Let’s first watch this video by Dr. Eric Berg, a physician who has been very dedicated to study foods and how to best use them as disease prevention and to keep at optimum health naturally.

Dr. Eric Berg Why I Eat 4 Eggs Daily and WHY YOU SHOULD TOO

Let’s now look at the nutritional value as well as the benefits of eggs:

First of all it’s preferred to eat eggs from hens or chickens organic, pasture raised and fed with organic grains such as barley (not corn or soy fed/gmo)
  • Choline from eggs is essential to our diets. Most people do not get enough in their daily intake. It’s found in meats, eggs and certain vegetables. Choline regulates crucial bodily functions such as forming cell membranes and helps our neurons (brain cells) to communicate. It may even improve memory and cognitive function and reduce the risk of ischemic stroke. The recommended daily intake is 125-550 mg per day
  • Eggs contain multiple B vitamins, especially B12 which is highly important in helping to keep our blood and nerve cells healthy and helps to make our DNA, the genetic material in all of our cells. Vitamin B12 also helps in the prevention of megaloblastic anemia.
  • It also contains vitamin A, D, Iron, Folate, Riboflavin and vitamin E. Although not a lot of calcium (2%) you will receive at least some from one egg.
  • Eggs help with satiety as well and are very keto diet friendly!
  • Eggs can be used on the skin to fight wrinkles, for the nails to help strengthen them
  • HDL (the healthy cholesterol) is also increased by eggs and the LDL (unhealthy cholesterol) is not increased. This has been very controversial for many years.
  • It’s a very versatile food item. Take my egg salad that we have every Shabbat for example, as pictured in the feature pic of this post. It’s full of vitamins and minerals from the eggs as well as the hummus, brewer’s yeast, seasonings like turmeric, black pepper, cumin, parsley, cilantro, and an assortment of chopped fresh veggies. Quiche is another great recipe with eggs at the center of the dish.

I hope eggs will be something that you will consider incorporating into your diet if you have not already been enjoying this tasty and versatile little food item that is so beneficial! Feel free to comment on this post by sharing your ideas on how you eat your eggs or any helpful recipes.

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