Don’t Let Your Diet Make You a Statistic

There is a lot of information emerging today about our food being our medicine. Unfortunately, it is much more of a challenge these days to maintain a healthy diet. We are so far removed from our thinking in the land, the rain and sun being our source of nutrition and survival. When was the last time you thought of a rainy day as a cause to smile or to be thankful verses it ruining your plans or outing?

The Scriptures state the following:

Deu 11:13 ‘And it shall be that if you diligently obey My commands which I command you today, to love יהוה your Elohim and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your being,
Deu 11:14 then I shall give you the rain for your land in its season, the early rain and the latter rain, and you shall gather in your grain, and your new wine, and your oil.
Deu 11:15 ‘And I shall give grass in your fields for your livestock, and you shall eat and be satisfied.

This is in reference to the Land of Israel and it’s people. As one that lives in the Land of Israel, it is such a joy to see the early and latter rains because it is a direct connection to our livelihood. Our diets were never to be chemicals that we can’t pronounce, GMOs and toxins that may taste good but do not nourish the body. As a matter of fact, we ingest substances that bring on disease such as diabetes just to name one.

Of the many chronic diseases caused by poor diet, Diabetes is one of the world’s fastest-growing diseases. It is so very preventable. Let’s take a look at it’s prevalence:

  • Currently about 415 million or more people suffer from Diabetes worldwide.
  • It’s been estimated that 700 million adults worldwide by 2045 will have Diabetes. (International Diabetes Federation [IDF], 2020)
  • China has the highest number of Diabetes accounts worldwide (116 million people), followed by India (77 million people) and then the United States (31 million people. (IDF Diabetes Atlas, 2019)

Although we have advanced in medical technology, the rate of diabetes and obesity continues to climb. We are seeing the effects of a poor diet in children and the age is getting younger and younger. So what simple things can we do, even starting today to help ourselves and our families to not be a statistic. This is not new information for most of you what I am posting but it will be a matter of just GETTING STARTED and not continuing to procrastinate and put it off until tomorrow. Take a look at this video on alternatives to sugar. Start today with joining those like myself that will never purchase sugar again.

Some research is emerging that has started to push for the classification of sugar as a drug. For those that overindulge, it may even meet the criteria for substance abuse and it is surely addictive.

Honey as a sugar alternative is quite controversial I’m finding, however, I use it the most in my household. I have learned to use fruits when baking as natural sweeteners, however, it is still hard to resist grabbing the brown sugar (that just has a touch of molasses and just a step up from regular sugar). Although the body breaks down honey slower than sugar and may not cause the insulin spike, it can be hard on the liver due to the amount of fructose. The calorie content of raw (unrefined) honey is a lot less and you need less of it to sweeten because it is so sweet. In moderation, we still receive the benefits of raw honey, such:

Honey is rich in antioxidants, may help decrease blood pressure, lowers triglycerides, promotes burn and wound healing and helps to suppress coughs. Although it contains the following nutrients and vitamins, you may have to consume a lot to gain huge benefits (ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin and riboflavin; along with minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc), however, it’s better compared to the nutrients found in sugar…..which is nothing!

In summary, the first thing is to decide to get sugar out of your home and not to ever buy it again. Purchase a healthy, natural alternative, experiment with fruit to sweeten your snacks, desserts and cereals or things that you would normally want a bit of sweetness like tea. Take charge by making your food and drinks yourself from natural sweeteners. Find the one that suits you and your lifestyle best!

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