The Body’s Natural Defense to Infection

From the start of a threat of invaders, the body is so amazing in the way it begins to react to the threat. Modern medicine has been extremely beneficial, but in earlier times, we knew something about the body that could be used to build our immune system and quickly. Ever heard of hydrotherapy? Take a look at this video at about 25 minutes to understand the basic concept.

Our bodies must be heated up and we must have interferon. The head and neck are kept at normal temperature. This is why aspirin and medications that decrease fever in the beginning of an outbreak of viruses, even such as COVID are not a good idea to use. We must have the fever. At the moment that you sense that you are feeling bad, Dr. Roger Seheult recommends starting hydrotherapy.

Basically you create a “Hot Box” for the body with hot towels above and below you and put your feet in hot water to heat up the body’s core temperature. The head and the carotid arteries (in the neck) are covered with a cold towel because it’s the body that we want to heat up. Use cold to lock in the heat afterwards. This helps the natural reaction to work better for you. Now let’s see what happens at the cellular level.

The main thing to remember is that the body has a built-in natural defense, but we can actually do some things once we have been exposed and begin to feel ill or run-down. Also, incorporate isolation, bed rest, exposure to fresh air and sunlight several times a day.

As with all things, consult your physician but be in tune with your own body and be informed of all the options of treatment to be able to make the best informed decision for treatment for yourselves.

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