Dancer & Future Leader, Featured Artist Saquana Royston




Who says you can not have brains and beauty?  Saquana Royston is a Junior at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy.  While inspiring other students to strive to be their best and reach their full potential, she is also breaking new ground herself in dance.  Her latest accomplishments in the dance world include a Double Platinum Award (first competitive high score) and a Second Overall Award  in Stage One Dance Competition.  Saquana also is a member of the National Honor Society and the KEY Club.  The KEY Club is an organization led by students whose goal is to encourage leadership through helping others.  Also, she is a dance student at Caruthers Creative Center Dance Studio, a phenomenal long-running black owned business in Kansas City.  Saquana inspires to be an obstetrician, and I have no doubt that with her steadfastness in her studies and her leadership qualities that she will become a great doctor.


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