Need to Detoxify…Have a Radish

Wow!!! I began a journey searching for a natural remedy or at least something natural that could help a close loved one suffering from jaundice and never did I think it was already in my fridge!  Something as simple as a small root vegetable called a radish.  There are many varieties, but in general, a serving size is just 1 radish and this is about 100 mg.  What makes it healthy is that it has insoluble fiber that helps to clear the gut and is low in saturated fat and cholesterol because of its high content of water (about 90%).  The radish also has an array of essential vitamins and minerals. If that is not enough, they possess anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. You may also find it extremely healthy because of its minerals and vitamins such as: potassium, vitamin C, folate, fiber, manganese, copper, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6, riboflavin and sodium.  Let’s look at the hi-lites of the nutritional content of one radish below:


the-radishSome health benefits worth mentioning (My top 5):

I told you that I began this search in hopes to find a natural way to help a loved one with jaundice due to a blood disorder called Thalesemia.  One of the first things that I saw when researching natural things was the radish.  The radish is a potent detoxifier and if there are issues with the liver or the stomach, it will help to purge the toxin by eliminating it in the body’s waste products.  Radishes help to eliminate bilirubin as well and keep its production at a manageable level.  They help promote blood health by reducing the amount of red blood cells destroyed that is caused by jaundice and helps to oxygenae the blood.

  • Urinary Disorders


Due to the diuretic properties of the radish, it acts to stimulate urine production.  If you have ever had a burning sensation or urinary inflammation, well, there is help!  First of all, make sure you have been properly diagnosed by your doctor.  If there is something natural such as this that you can incorporate into your daily diet, make sure you inform your healthcare provider before beginning.  Radishes also help to keep the kidneys clean and healthy.  They have been known to treat a number of urinary conditions that if you can rid yourself of the toxic agents, the condition improves.

  • Weight Loss

Radishes have lots of insoluble fiber which makes them filling and are low in calories.  They have a low glycemic index due to the high fiber content.  Now I’m not going to lie, eating a radish is not going to mentally satisfy my cravings for a donut, but, if I eat the healthier things such as this first, I may not be as likely to over do it when I have a dessert.  If done in moderation, you won’t feel like you are depriving yourself so much.  Also, they will increase your bowel movements which helps rid your body of excess waste and thus is good for weight loss and metabolism.

  • Kidney Diseases

Due to its disinfectant qualities, the radish acts as a cleanser and a diuretic.  Let your kidneys rejoice!  By incorporating these small veggies into your diet, you will help to clean out your kidneys, wash away toxins that may accumulate in the blood and kidneys, guard against kidney infection even taking root……no pun intended!

  • Liver and Gallbladder

In addition to helping to maintain the proper flow of bilirubin and bile, these little veggies also help to regulate enzymes and acids. Radishes contain esterase, amylase, diastase and myrosinase and help to clean out your bloodstream as mentioned earlier of excess bilirubin.

They are cheap, natural and a great way to improve your health, even if you do not have any current conditions.  Try to use them in salads and in other veggie dishes like a pot of green beans.  But most of all, just give them a try!





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