Taptutor Session 3

  • The pace is picking up a little….keep practicing and add these new steps to your workout!

Please remember to do the warm-up as well as sessions 1-2 before doing this one and remember….practice makes perfect!


Taptutor Tap Session 2

  • In this session, we will do a review of session 1 and add a tap sound to it to increase the skill level. ย  ย We will also learn how to do a proper shuffle.
  • Once again, go to the quick warm-up session first then you can do the first session or proceed on to this one.
  • Keep practicing and remember that if you are a beginner or just want to exercise, do this video several times back to back. ย If you are a more advanced tapper, don’t worry, the skill level will increase as we go.
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Taptutor Tap Session 2

Taptutor Tap and Work-out Session 1

Please check out my first tap session video and get a short work-out!

  • This particular session is a good review for beginners and young tappers
  • Also good for those that may have missed their opportunity to dance in their youth…..well here is your second chance
  • If you need to learn the terminology in tap, its a good review
  • Or if you just want to have a fun and unique work-out

Whatever the reason, I hope you find it enjoyable and will take this journey with me, the Taptutor.

More videos to come and the skill level will increase as we go. ย Please follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Enjoy the tap session!