The Slick Switch- What’s Starving Your Mitochondria?

It has been said that edible oil has reached the height of being a $100 billion industry. In the 1880s the extraction process for corn oil was invented from the by-product corn germ, which was routinely disposed of. Close to the turn of the century in 1898, corn oil was introduced as a cooking oil and sales went through the roof. Along came Crisco (crystallized cottonseed oil), canola, walnut, soybean oil, rapeseed, as well as sunflower oil. So why are these oils so toxic as opposed to olive oil, coconut oil and butter?

Well it turns out that the process of extracting these oils via heating and just the oils sitting on the shelf in the light causes oxidation to occur. This changes the structure of the oil or fat. All of these poly-unsaturated fats/oils undergo this process. So why is oxidation bad? Basically oxidation causes death to cells. You can see it when certain foods are left sitting out and the color changes and the smell of them is undesirable, such as meat, fresh fruits and vegetables. The same can be said as when metal rusts. Well it turns out that the more easily our cells are to oxidize, the easier it is for us to quickly age or even die. A diet high in these poly-unsaturated oils or fats make our cells easier to break down or die. A diet high in fats or oils harder to breakdown such as the saturated oils like butter, olive oil and coconut oil help with longevity as they are much less susceptible to oxidation.

In 1961 the AHA recommended the switch from saturated fats like butter or those found in animal fats to poly-unsaturated fats like vegetable oils to prevent heart attack and stroke; however, this was not based on any sound evidence. There was no correlation before this with rates of heart attack and stroke and use of animal fats! It was just a way to use by-products plus make food, if you could call it that, more readily available (processed) and cheap.

Yeah, the fact that the public could be manipulated like this on such a mass scale had that affect on me too. No sound evidence, as a matter of fact the AHA and other so-called scientists were able to promote and implement this change for decades….and just now light is being shed on the falsity of it all.

So I began this post with my title concerning what’s starving our mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells. We use food and oxygen to make ATP that powers the body. Enter in the culprit linoleic acid (LA/poly-unsaturated fat/oil) or Omega-6. This is the main make up of these poly-unsaturated fats. These poly-unsaturated fats damage the mitochondria. A chain reaction occurs and a part of our mitochondria called the cardiolipin is affected. Thus, these poly-unsaturated fats are strongly linked to diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory complications, Alzheimer and aging and it’s becoming more clear as research continues. Oleic acid on the other hand, is the main make up of saturated fats/oils such as the good ones like butter and olive oil. The more of the linoleic acid our bodies are made up of correlates with a shorter lifespan.

Some may bring up the notion that high cholesterol is the culprit but that I will save for another post. There are many clinical trials that have been done but a lot of the data has not been shared in it’s entirety, leading us for many years to believe the statements made by the AHA as well as the government.

So in Summary:

*If you must fry your food, fry with butter or coconut oil

*Avoid us of polyunsaturated oils/fats such as those high in linoleic acid (i.e. vegetable oils- corn, canola, walnut, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower). Even unheated they still are not healthy. They have already gone through heating, bleaching and acid washing before they reach our dinner tables

*Avoid processed foods because these are usually full of poly-unsaturated fats (those made of mainly linoleic acid)

Video by YouTuber ” What I’ve Learned” The $100 Billion Dollar Ingredient Making Your Food Toxic”

I leave you with a great summary video of what I have posted today. I hope you will investigate this issue more and find a healthy alternative to poly-unsaturated fats/oils that you can use instead.

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