Ancient Super Food Beyond Belief

If you had the ability to use a simple food that provided calories, protein, low in sugar and carbs and loaded with nutrients and minerals for you and your family and not to forget to mention, ease of use, would you incorporate it into your daily diet?

What if I told you that African countries have been using it for centuries, cultivating it, and with the knowledge of it’s nutritional and healing benefits for the body? This super food is none other than Spirulina. I heard of it many years ago but was slow to research it. I have been using it for the past few years for it’s healing properties for me and my family; however, lately in taking a second look at it, I have become even more impressed. We put a few tablespoons in each batch of green and fruit juice that is made for the household every few days. The past month or so has been extremely busy for me and in not being able to keep up on preparing the batches of juice for the entire household, I began to have a day or two in which I missed out on the cup or two a day of this natural juice (with the Spirulina in it).

About a week ago, I started to have involuntary muscle twitching in my forehead, mainly at night and at rest. Needless to say, this was very unsettling. Other than stress and working more hours, I couldn’t think of anything else that had changed in my daily routine. I was still exercising at least every other day, my diet had not changed and I was still taking the same supplements of vitamin D, Zinc, Probiotics with Cranberry, Vinegar & water, Magnesium with B6 and my Black Seed Oil; then after being without our precious green-fruit juice yet again for a few days in a row, and restarting it this past Wednesday, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t had the muscle twitching in my forehead any more!!! I started looking into the reason for muscle twitches other than stress and lack of rest and discovered that it could also come from simple mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Take a look at what this super food provides, keeping in mind that a teaspoon is roughly 8-10 grams.

Photo credit: Essam Abdel-Mawla (Production and evaluation of some extruded food products using spirulina algae)

10 evidence based benefits seen in the below video such as: strong antioxidant, lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides, raises good cholesterol, may have anti-cancer properties, reduces blood pressure (from nitrous oxide), improves muscle strength just to name a few things.

Only time will tell if I am correct in my assessment, however, getting back to my story of taking a second and closer look at this amazing food, I wanted to share some new things that I’ve discovered about how African countries have been benefiting from this source of nutrition as a staple part of their diets and as a great way to sustain their communities and countries. On one hand, I am happy that it is easily available now all over the world but at the same time it’s upsetting that once again, the greedy corporations, some that mean only to capitalize have taken advantage of the knowledge and kindness of indigenous people…….and that’s an entirely different story that I won’t be getting into at this time. ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

Take a look at a few examples in the below videos. One video shows the amazing results from a project that occurred in 1989 that changed everything for a village.

The following video shows what happened when knowledge was shared from Africans that have used Spirulina for centuries, the Kanembu Women who cultivated it and the Lake Chad Project. Airing the video footage led to the Petroleum Company filing a patent on their artificial way of culturing Spirulina. Earthrise in California began production in 1983, claiming to be the first US production farm. As you will see in the above video, this was already done on a small scale in a few places outside of the US and grew to be 100’s of farms. The efforts of the pioneers in the above video were for the purpose of first and foremost helping countries that had become crippled by malnutrition and financial devastation that often comes from outside interference including invasion and destabilization of their way of life and culture.

I really hope that you will take a look at this nutritional super food source and start with your home and share the knowledge. You never know how this teaspoon a day can help prevent disease and heal someone else.

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