Fund Raiser Progress Give a Little Receive a Jewel

It’s been a great start and we want to thank all that have donated so far….but we still need to reach our goal of $1,000.  We are grateful for the support and will continue to update you on the fund raiser progress from week to week. 🙌😄

There are several things that the children need such as:







Ballet, tap, jazz and acrobatic shoes.






Portable music equipment for on-the-go performances.

Dance wear, costumes, tumbling mats, and other small dance accessories .

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Don’t forget for your donation of $25 or more you receive this inspirational book, “Jewel”, by Dr. S’rah Yisrael! To read more about this visit  Jewel by Dr. S’rah Yisrael



Here’s how to donate:

Step 1:

Decide on which amount you would like to give then click on the corresponding PayPal button below.  Any amount is welcome. Be sure to include shipping address if donating $25 or more.

If donating $25 or more please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping of your book, “Jewel”, by Dr. S’rah Yisrael.

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