Black and Invisible

About a year ago, I did a post on our missing African American girls and women.  Sadly, this problem does not receive enough attention in the media, and therefore, often the victims and the families do not get the support and care in the cases being solved nor the victims being found….alive or otherwise.  It’s as if they were here and did not matter….at all.

I am asking anyone that reads this to take the time to educate yourself of this social injustice that allows one person’s life to be placed above another’s as more important due to race, economic status, social ties or background.  No one deserves to be snatched and blotted out of existence or become a slave of another under any circumstances.

64,000 Black women and girls missing nationwide in AmericaWhere are the Amber AlertsThe Outpouring, The Awareness ConcertsDC 501 cases in 2017

The Black and Missing Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that raises awareness about missing people of color and gives support and resources to families.  According to this organization, nearly 40 percent of all missing people in the country are people of color.

No matter what your ethnicity or location,

What WILL you do for the sake of humanity?

Please provide any information you discover about the missing to all of these sites below or contacts in order to help bring them home and support the victims, families and friends.  Let’s join together and post whatever we can on our social medias & blogs to bring more awareness to this madness.  The more awareness, the more help we can generate for the Missing and bring them back, no matter what the reason they are missing.  This could easily be any of our loved ones.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Black and Missing Foundation

24/7 HelpLine (800-587-4357) or Master List of Missing Children

bring our missing home

The Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC:  Youth & Family Services Division (202)576-6768,

Command Information Center (202)727-9099

Help the awareness to continue to grow until our voices are so loud that there must be attention paid to it and ACTION WILL BE TAKEN to not only prevent abductions, but find the victims that suddenly go missing.

Now I have a favor to ask to bring some awareness to light……please share some statistics of your own that you may have found as it pertains to the topic in the comment field below and your website or a site that we can all share to help the victims and families.  By being more aware, show that you care!

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