Oral Hydration Solution

This is a great post written by a talented young woman who is the proud owner of Sunni’s Holistic Delights.  She specializes in providing healthy, vegan and vegetarian dishes, drinks and desserts.  I am posting it here on my blog with her permission.  I personally can not wait to try the below recipe!  Please try it out and let me know what you think.  Also, give Sunni’s blog a visit as well and help to support her business!

Looking for a great way to stay hydrated??
However the thought of putting all those yucky unhealthy ingredients from the popular store brought brands in your temple makes you cringe…lol?? Well look no further; try my easy homemade Oral Rehydration Drink. I’ve used homemade fruit juices as well to give it a little extra color/flavor. My 3yr old Suns,favorite one is coconut water and grape juice, just sub one cup of coconut water for juice. Mix all the ingredients together,and enjoy. Place any leftovers in the icebox, and drink within a week(ours never last that long).
Light, Love and Shalom

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