Beloved One Performing Group

An update on what’s new with Beloved One Performing Group in Israel

We are a unique performing arts group in Israel specializing in poetry, song, and dance. We combine our individual talents to create a body of work telling stories of hope, love, unity, and freedom through spoken word, music, and dance.  Our source of our talents is most definitely the Heavenly Father, all praises to Him!!!  Take a look at what we do when we come together.

Beloved One is a performance group featuring Akilah Mosley “Lay”(far right), Nikia Browne “Nakiyah” (center) and yours truly, Monica Terry “Taptutor” (far left).  We’ve performed our trio act of Poetry, Song and Dance for The Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) which was hosted by the daughters of Adinah Dorfman (Elana & Aviva Dorfman), in Tel Aviv at the Levontin7 Club for a fund raiser event to give awareness and a place of safety to abused women, Bar Ilan University for a memorial and various occasions in our community.   Although each of us has our own endeavors and performances outside of Beloved One, it’s a blessing to come together in unity to magnify the name of the Heavenly Father who gave us our talents.

Please check out our recent contest entry video above.  We would be happy to perform for your special occasion as well.  You can contact us at or visit our site at 


(Logo: by talented artist Mykael Terry)

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Nikia Browne Singer, Composer and Producer

My Featured Guest Artist is a personal friend and family member who I am a huge fan of and I am so excited to finally have her featured on tapin2life!!!

Born in Phoenix,Arizona, Nikia started imitating legendary artists such as Jackie Wilson, Stevie Wonder and Prince.  She discovered her own voice as a teenager and began writing songs and singing in her closet ever since.  A high school friend of her’s encouraged her to break out of her shyness and sing for the world to hear.  She has been singing  ever since.
She has always had a strong desire to find The Creator of the Heavens, the earth, the sea and all that is in them.  Her journey caused her to totally dedicate her gift to The Most High.  Along the way she has met some amazing musicians and artists that have shaped her into the amazing artist that she is today.  She prays that her music will inspire and heal the Nations!  She currently, and prayerfully forever, will reside in Israel.  “Being in such a historic and spiritual Land has only increased my focus and my goal to create music that will aid in changing the spirit of the world,” remarks Nikia.  Since her arrival in Israel, she has been featured in commercials, music videos and on a major television show, “Kochav Nolad” Israel.  She also enjoys photography and producing other artists.


To hear this amazing artist’s collaboration with other talented artists, please support her by visiting the soundcloud site below and watching this heartfelt video of the struggle of African Americans in the US and Nikia’s passionate interpretation:

Let My People Go featuring Nikia and other talented artists