Using Foods to Counteract Bad Effects of Other Foods

Ever had way too much to eat and you said you wouldn’t put yourself in that situation again but you did anyway? Struggling with your craving for sugar? These are just some of the things that are spoken about in the video below by Dr. Eric Berg and he gives some suggestions on how to counteract the bad effects of a variety of things that we ingest. Some I can’t call food because they provide no nutritional value. Let’s a look at the following video.

Video credit Dr. Eric Berg YouTube

So having seen the video, let’s recap some of Dr. Berg’s recommendations. I want to mainly focus on sugar and overeating:

Easy things to incorporate to combat the harmful effects of sugar:

*Burn off extra sugar by exercising

*Apple cider vinegar helps to regulate blood sugar

*Lemon water is excellent for those at risk of developing kidney stones from oxalate overload. Unfortunately this can happen when eating a lot of green leafy vegetables, almonds, etc. Lemon water is also good for boosting digestion.

*Cinnamon is a potent spice to lower blood sugar

*You want to eat foods low on the Insulin Index (pure fats such as whole eggs, olive oil, nuts higher in fats; add more pure fats to the meal to buffer the insulin response)

*One thing we can do to combat the effects of sugar is, yes, once again, intermittent fasting. See the chart on the left for benefits. It not only helps to combat sugar but it aids in weight loss, turns on your body’s antioxidants, increases growth hormone (which helps with anti-aging) and so much more.

Make sure to look through the video for more healthy tips on how to combat other harmful substances by using food as our medicine.

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