Out of Loss Beauty Blossoms

I wanted to share an amazing story with you about a woman struck by sudden tragedy, responding with enormous courage, her method of healing and finally her triumph over her illness.  My guest artist is not a musician, poet or a dancer but is extremely creative and an inspiration to anyone who has been the victim of a debilitating illness.  She is also an inspiration for those who make excuses that something simply can’t be done.  Please take a few minutes to read about how she turned a loss that could’ve ended a craft that she enjoys, into beauty, despite her challenges.

Hi, my name is Brenda Dunams and before I had a stroke I was an artist of sorts.  I enjoyed making everything with my hands from crocheting and sewing to jewelry making, handmade clocks and wall hangings.

After my stroke, I knew my life had changed forever.  Accepting this harsh fact, I worried about how I could become an artist again.

At that time my daughter was pregnant and was concerned about how I was going to at least hold my grand baby.  I was offered an opportunity to receive rehab while recuperating in the hospital.  There, my occupational therapist asked what I did.  When I told her one of the things I did was crochet, she said, “I can show you how to do it with one hand.”  My inspiration was a bird and it’s beak.  I thought, if a bird can make a nest with a beak, what could I do with one hand, right?

Well, I was able to walk up out of rehab, and had the strength to hold my newborn grand daughter.  Slowly, I relearned how to crochet.  I’ve found other ways to do my crafts.  These are a few things I’ve done.


All of the above and below items are handcrafted by Brenda and inspired from nature.

img-20180712-wa0006-collage Just goes to show that where there’s a will there’s a way.  I hope by sharing Brenda’s story that it is an inspiration for all of us to put forth our very best and to be grateful for every day that we have to share our talents with others.  Also to be courageous in the face of tragedy and know that we can overcome with a lot of determination and most of all our Heavenly Father and Creator of all of the Heavens, Earth and all that are within.

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A Presentation on “Living Healthy Naturally” by Monica Terry


Upcoming Event!


Living Healthy Naturally


Ashkelon’s own Monica Terry will be speaking with us about incorporating healthy habits that fit your lifestyle.  She will discuss ways in which we can incorporate healthy habits such as herbs, spices, and certain foods into our daily routines with the goal of preventing diseases and maintaining our health.

Monday August 22 @ 7PM

145 Sderot Yershalayim

20 shekels for members

30 shekels for non members