Help Needed for the Chageem

Chag Sameach Family & Friends!  Once again we are in the High Holy Day Season and as a community we are in need of your assistance.  Due to a large number of guests coming in, we are asking for your assistance in hosting them.  Many come to the Holy Land looking for a spiritual experience and we do our best to accommodate them during those times.

You may help by giving any of the amounts below and can donate as many times as you are moved to do so.

Chageem Donation


Chageem Donation


Chageem Donation


Chageem Donation


Chageem Donation


Thank you ahead of time for your generosity and faith. We pray that you and your family enjoy the upcoming Chageem!  We will post a weekly update here of donation progress so feel free to stop by!


Chag #Hanukah Sameach!

In this time we celebrate Hanukah.  It is the rededication of the Temple and this is near and dear to me and my family’s hearts.  It is the story of the uprising of a people that fought against their oppression.


A little tid bit about Hanukah:

The Maccabees

Judah, son of Mattityahu, was called “Maccabee,” a word composed of the initial letters of the four Hebrew words Mi Kamocha Ba’eilim Hashem, “Who is like You, O G‑d.”  His name is famous and he is also known as the “Hammer” for his leadership and fearlessness in the revolt.

#Hanukah #Chanukah