The Benefits of Sprouting

This is day 5 of our Tapin2life Almost Vegan Challenge!

I hope all that have joined us are doing well and are on the road to better health. Here are a few more meal combo ideas and an easy nutritional tip for those who haven’t tried sprouting. More recipe and vegan/almost vegan meal ideas to come as we continue the challenge.

Watch my quick Video on the amazing benefits of sprouting the lentil!

Lentils are healthy, however, sprouting our seeds and beans can pack in even more nutritional benefit. Take a look at the one minute vid by clicking the above link to see how easy and beneficial it is!

Try this combo for a healthy and filling meal:

Greens of your choice sauteed in olive oil and a bed of red onion, mushrooms and garlic

Brown rice, and if you want to upgrade make it Jollof Rice

Lightly breaded and oven-baked broccoli and cauliflower

Savory slices of sweet potatoes with zaatar seasoning, cumin, salt and pepper with roasted garlic

See this link for more recipes from the last post and if you want to come on board for the Tapin2life Almost Vegan Challenge Let’s Go!

Shopping List for the challenge:

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