Dangerous Food Combos to Avoid🙅🏿‍♀️

On our journey to become healthier, of course, I have been concentrating a lot on food and nutrition, however, have you ever thought about the combination of the foods that you eat or even the order in which you eat your food? Some years back, a very wise friend told me that some of the things we eat in our modern culture and the order in which we eat them in can lead to a slow death. Sad to say, it took a while for me to begin seriously researching this, but it stuck with me over the years.

I had a thought recently💭; could there be a health advantage to serving meals in courses? For example, a five course meal would consist of soup/hors d’oeuvre, followed by an appetizer, then salad, main course and last dessert. Meals can feature even up to 12 courses (now that’s overkill). This concept would definitely assist us in separating various foods that have no advantage to being ingested together and could even be harmful to our health. Take a look at this short video below from “Health Hacks” to see what I’m referring to:

Some points to remember:

  • 1-Drink your water 10 minutes before your meal. Avoid drinking juice with meals altogether. Your body’s effectiveness in digesting foods will be impaired because your stomach enzymes become diluted.
  • 2-Avoid fruit and meat together. The protein will detain the fruit in the digestive system instead of passing through quickly as it normally would and it will ferment.
  • 3– Avoid Yogurt with fresh fruit: if you love yogurt, eat unflavored yogurt without color at room temperature and enjoy it with cinnamon, raisins and honey. The bacteria in yogurt will act on the sugar in various fruits. This results in toxins in your system. These toxins can cause all sorts of allergies and symptoms of allergies.
  • 4– Cereal with milk and orange juice- Milk and an acid together such as orange juice will curdle the dairy and destroys the enzyme found in the starchy cereal. Space these foods out by at least one hour. Hemp and Oat Milk are great alternatives to cow milk. Also avoid lemon and milk (see below video).
  • 5-Banana and milk- This combo will not sit well in your stomach…you’ll have a heavy feeling. Another opportunity to sub in oat or another plant-based milk.
  • 6– Tomatoes/fruits & Pasta, fruits and starchy foods, and meat/protein plus carbs: fruits digest easily but carbs like pasta, rice, etc. take a while to break down. Fruits can get delayed in the digestive tract and ferment when they would otherwise pass through and be digested quicker. Along these same lines anything with sugar combined with protein- sugar can act on the protein digesting enzymes, thus, reducing the enzymes’ performance. As a result, food can take a very long time to digest.
  • 7-See Dr. Berg’s video below on the process of Protein +Sugar/Refined Carbs = AGE’s or Fat + Sugar/Refined Carbs = AGE’s (AGE’s are Advanced Glycation End Products as a result of combining these foods, especially heating them up….cooked or in the body). Listen to these tips:

Another short video below about other food-food combos to avoid and food-medication combos to avoid from YouTuber “Keto Diet Plan AZ”.

I have no doubt that all of us have some degree of undigested food in our intestinal tracts 🤢, but the healthier we eat, intaking the right foods and in the right combinations and proper order, the cleaner and healthier our digestive tracts will be. We will begin to develop a healthy microbiome. Our elimination will also become more regular. Almost every time we eat a meal we should expect to eliminate. We also must keep in mind to eat to live and not live to eat. The proper portion size is key to maintaining a healthy weight as well. DON’T EAT UNTIL YOU’RE STUFFED! Let’s keep learning together how to turn back the clock naturally and live longer!💪🏿

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